18 July 2024

As told by Charlie Price: Top Ten Tips to take the Best Photographs of your Clients!

With Snapchat & Instagram filters and Apps, it is necessary to stay very humble about editing pictures of your hair work. Nowadays, sharing your work on social media is simply the same as taking advantage of your most powerful (and free) form of self-marketing, but going about and photographing everything is not the secret, it actually takes quite the skill!

Charlie Price shares with us some of his tips on how to take the best possible photos of your clients:

There is no denying that to stay contemporary leading career hairstylists must photograph our clients for social media. The trick is – how do we showcase our work in the best possible light while remaining honest. Above are four of Charlie’s favorite client portraits. Here are some things to consider when you create yours.

1. Pose the subject in dramatic angles for maximum impact.
2. Use a dynamic composition to enhance the shape of the hairstyle.
3. Use a consistent uncluttered backdrop.
4. Create a unique signature location and way to shoot. Too many of the photos online look exactly the same – the point is to set yourself apart from the pack and get noticed –NOT– blend in.
5. Take it as seriously and treat the image with as much respect as you would a photo shoot with a professional model and photographer. Make sure to pay attention to every detail and that the hair looks sharp as a tack – sloppiness shows and is rampant. If you do you will automatically rise above the masses.
6. Show a range of work –not the same thing over and over– it’s more fun for you as an artist and illustrates that you aren’t a one trick pony.
7. Don’t have salon capes, smocks or towels, etc. in the photos unless you do every time and they are immaculate –neat– appropriate for your brand and as high-end looking as possible.
8. Avoid having a messy station, retail shelves or a busy salon in the background. The hair must be the star – end of story.
9. Use filters and retouch apps but don’t overdo it – there is nothing worse than an obviously retouched image. Don’t be afraid of black and white either – it always looks elegant and stylish.
10. Have an element of finesse to every shot – raw, badly executed photos of your work do you, your salon, your manufacturer and not to mention your clients no favors.

And above all… HAVE FUN & KEEP SHOOTING!

By Charlie Price


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