26 February 2024

The Secret for Success: 11 Essential Habits

Alex Dobao is a business professional and consultant, sharing some of his insight of what differentiates a successful business owner as opposed to a struggling salon owner.

He has assessed some of the better-known salons in the world and through his travels has acquired the defining qualities of pride in your professional and personal life.

The majority of people commit themselves daily to achieve success. My question is, what is success? Are we speaking of personal success or professional success? Are they two separate things or is that the same thing?

There is a lot of talk about what it means to be successful, or to reach a point of success. Also there are those who work so hard to reach it that there are some that even suffered to achieve success I want to be a person with success some people say but very few decide to get to work and actually work together.

Let’s stop for a second to actually think about this. What does it mean for you to be successful? Do you think success reaches only those who work hard to get it? What are they like and how do they live daily to be a successful person? I want to share my thoughts with you.

For me, success is not measured but what you do, but how capable you are enjoying what it is you have achieved. Let me explain. A person can work hard their whole life creating a great company, with a large volume of revenue and have made a lot of money, then gets to retirement age and has so much time and money to do anything but now he doesn’t have health. It’s possible that he realizes that he did not have time to enjoy his family, his free time, or to see his kids grow up. Another person, who has worked less, for a matter speaking, enjoyed every day and every moment with her family, their vacations, had time to see his kids grow up, and collected wonderful memories. This person also gets to the age of the satisfactory retirement with this life and with some money to continue till the end because he’s known how to use his savings and how to generate alternative sources of income.

Of these two definitions what do you define  that a successful life? Which one do you want for yourself? Depending on the response you know which path you should take!

Devise a plan to start your journey and list the steps you need to take to achieve your goal!

You are an entrepreneur in the hairdressing industry who needs to decide whether they want money, family, free time, but… why not everything? You have a business where you could organize a team that you can share a plan with. Organize your time plan with your actions and start working in the 11 habits you need to become a successful person:

1. Be positive.
2. Take care of your health.
3. Organize your time.
4. Figure out which aspects of your life need to improve personally and professionally and what you need to do to achieve that. Find a plan of education that works for you start and more importantly investing yourself.
5. Find who to confide in, help them grow and create a system of supervision.
6. Finish everything you start.
7. Be generous: share and you will receive.
8. Save money, don’t spend to impress and use your money to create your ideal life.
9. Stop thinking of what’s missing, that’s negative.
10. Focus in what you wish for, that’s positive.
11. Learn to say no and avoid negative people.

Everything is in your hands. Don’t look for excuses but rather in the solutions. Your business is the basis of that and dedicate your time to make your business grow. If something is missing, analyze and start again – the game will not finish until you win!

Enjoy everything you have – and remember that giving up is not an option.

Have a great and productive day!


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