26 November 2022

Parlux 385 PowerLight hairdryer shines bright in Seoul and Sao Paulo!

Parlux hairdryers succeed at Hair Brasil 2016 and at the World Hairdressing Championships in Seoul!

Hair Brasil 2016
Parlux presented a wide range of professional hairdryers at the stand of their Brazilian distributor Messrs Cemel during the 15th edition of Hair Brasil 2016, in São Paulo.

In particular, the Parlux 385 PowerLight® in its LightGold version was a real eye-catcher for both its color and its technical characteristics:

  1. • Powerful and lightweight, thanks to its K-Lamination motor: Fast drying.
  2. • More comfortable to use thanks to its ergonomic design: less tiring for the hairdresser’s arm during use.
  3. • Ceramic & Ionic device: for softer, shinier hair.
  4. • Eco-friendly materials.

New to the exhibition area was a “social” space made available to guests so they could take photos to post on Instagram and other social networks.

Korea 2016, World Hairdressing Championship
During the 70th edition of the OMC Hairworld Hairdressing Championships in Seoul, Parlux hairdryers accompanied Italian hairdressers belonging to ANAM (Accademia Nazionale Acconciatori Misti), competing in various categories.

Equipped with brightly coloured Parlux 385 PowerLight hairdryers, they were outstanding for their creativity, which won them many awards in various categories, during the senior and junior, individual and team “Fashion” trials.


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