23 June 2024

How-To Catch your Supernova with @leysahairandmakeup from Instagram

Although her Instagram feed may not tell her whole story, @leysahairandmakeup identifies herself as a humble girl who came from Cuba only 12 years ago. Her growth is incredible, especially noting that she is now part of Atelier by Square Salon and her professional growth is evident!.

We reposed the look called SUPERNOVA on our Instagram account @esteticausa and decided to ask this skilled artist for the inside scoop on how to replicate this gorgeous color!

What inspired me to make this look was a full moon, the metallics you see in different variations in the sky during this time is so beautiful,” she says. “So I came up with the name SUPERNOVA, after I was finished. Here are my step by step directions for achieving this.”

Her client came in with four inches of level 6 regrowth and her ends had highlights around level 8.

Step 1: Mix 40g  Schwarzkopf BlondMe and 20 volume, 1-2
Step 2: Take horizontal slices all over head, feather blond me lightener on regrowth.
Step 3: Process for 30 minutes.
Step 4: Mix Blondme with 10 volume and conditioner.
Step 5: Add Blondme mix on pre lightened ends for remaining 10 minutes of processing. Beautiful “Level 9 All over it “.
Step 6: Shampoo only and blow dry completely.
Step 7: Mix!
    – Mix A -20g Schwarzkopf Pearlescence 9,5-29 (Pastel Lavender) and 20g of 9,5-22 with Igora Royal oil developer (10v) 1:1
    – Mix B -20g Pearlescence 9,5-89 (Pastel Candy) with  Igora Royal oil developer (10v) 1:1
    – Mix-C Base color 40g Igora Royal Slate Grey with 15g Igora Royal Pearlescence P 6-89 (magenta) with Igora Royal oil developer (10v) 1:1
Step 8: small horizontal zigzag section combining the colors to created this look.
Step 9: 20 minutes process. Shampoo with could water.
Step 10: Blow dry completely with my favorite Imperial Blowout from ORIBE.
Step 11: I create the wave look with my Enzo Milano and soft Lacquer from ORIBE.

For more, check out @laysahairandmakeup and @esteticausa on Instagram to get more Inspiration!


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