27 March 2023

ContestaRockHair launches CRH BENEFIT vouchers encouraging its staff to enjoy life!

Cultural and artistic initiatives are a vital art to the hair stylist’s formation. These increasingly link the student to the inspiration decked full of universe of creative stimuli which are indispensable visual references for the hair artist.

In the wake of an initiative launched by Brunello Cucinelli, the Italian craftsmanship leader brand, ContestaRockHair decided to make available to its employees in the USA, Italy and abroad the CRH BENEFIT.

This benefit is a voucher of $ 150.00 that each CRH stylist can use for several cultural activities until the end of the year, such as the purchase of books, theatre shows and visits to museums and exhibitions, anything to aid that inspiration.

The initiative was born in the sign of the creative management of human resources that characterizes ContestaRockHair and centers on the training of the young talents of the group in a broader and transversal perspective.

To recreate an image up to date with the most innovative trends and to respond to the needs of our customers, especially the younger ones, it is essential to tap into a wealth of varied visual inspirations,” said ContestaRockHair founders Alessandro Santopaolo and Massimo Bianco. “This universe of references can be enriched over time only by enjoying cultural, visual and artistic experiences day by day. We are sure that CRH BENEFIT will be a new indispensable tool in the training of our team, conceived in order to recognize and pursue an innovative idea of style to share with the customer.”


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