7 October 2022

Video Alert! Precious Tips for Cutting Curly Hair with Ruth Roche

Curly hair’s unique characteristics and behavior make it challenging. If it’s not cut properly it can look like a huge mass… or mess, but with the right techniques, volume can be controlled, curl can be defined and movement can be created.

Ruth Roche, Global Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, shares here her best tips for cutting curly hair. “It’s important when cutting curly hair to create negative space so you can see the definition of the curls and create more movement in the hair,” says Roche.

Interior/Exterior: Cut the shape/exterior blunt and then go into the interior with vertical sections and cut fairly large pieces out to create space and movement… define the shape first and then refine it so the texture is controlled.

Texture: The texture of the hair has to be altered to free up the ends so you can see the space between the curls – if the hair is compressed together, the curls loose definition which compromise the shape and curl factor.

Sides: No more earmuffs! The hair on the sides should sit flat to the head – cut a section parallel to the hairline, and about 1” from the hair line cut a dotted line. This removes weight without length, so it opens up the hair around the face so it lays flat and well-defined.

Look for other tips and tricks on www.ruthroche.com


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