1 June 2023

Video Alert! Sam Villa Tips & Tricks: How To Prevent and Remove Split Ends

For those prone to split ends, smooth shiny hair does not have to mean sacrificing length. Instead of trimming damaged hair straight across, Sam Villa, founding partner of the Sam Villa® brand and Education Artistic Director for Redken, uses a technique that only clips the frayed ends – it’s a trick guests will love!

Split ends are like a virus… once they begin, they spread further up the hair strand and make hair look unhealthy and dull,” says Andrew Carruthers, Director of Education for Sam Villa.

Preventing Split Ends: When hair swells, it splits, so it needs to be fortified to prevent damage. Suggest Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment for Damaged Hair, it repairs, strengthens and protects hair by fortifying it with protein to reduce breakage, splits ends and mechanical damage. It actually reduces breakage by 75%!
Removing Split Ends: Take a horizontal section of hair and using the #3 hand position, weave the section under the ring finger, over the middle and under the pointer. Slowly slide fingers downs the section with medium tension and cut any ends that pop up on the top layer over the middle finger with Sam Villa Signature Series 7” Dry Cutting Shears opening and closing them to catch the split ends.


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