5 March 2024

Happy National Stylist Appreciation Day from your ESTETICA Family!

Without hairstylists there would be no ESTETICA. We are your #1 fans and cheer on the profession, the products and industry to help you be the best at your trade.

In honor of our audience and inspiration, we have decided to ask some of our friends in the industry why being a hairstylist is so wonderful and what the profession means to you

SONYA DOVE:Being a stylist to me is a very important role not to be taken lightly. I started in the industry because of my love for people whether it is being able to put my own personal challenges behind me when I work in the salon so that I am fully present for my guests and staff to being an inspiration to other stylists through my teaching and educating while at the same time being humble, kind and caring. There is no greater industry than ours and not a day goes by without me giving thanks to being a part of it.

VAN COUNCIL:Being a stylist means to me I can change a person’s life for the better. We have the ability to help people in so many different ways. We get to touch someone’s life every 45 minutes. I love it.

TED GIBSON:What being a stylist means to me? It means that I have chosen a career that not only makes my heart sing but also provides me with amazing opportunities to affect change in people’s lives and also my own.

LUCIE DOUGHTY:For me being a stylist is the ability to make people smile and feel good.

CHRYSTOFER BENSON:What it means to be a stylist to me? It means I am in an industry that helps people feel beautiful and in an industry that embraces the art technical and creative side of me! The best industry in the world!

CANDY SHAW:Being a stylist means RESPONSIBILITY. Responsibility to help guest find their most beautiful self! Responsibility to help coach and mentor stylist to grow and expand their minds! Responsibility to raise the bar as a salon owner to represent our industry with the highest level of quality! I am a Stylist because I am responsible for others lives and nothing fulfills me more!

ALLEN RUIZ:Being a stylist is about making personal connections with the men and women that sit in your chair. It’s about helping them feel beautiful, confident and ready to take on the world. Being able to touch people in such a powerful way is why this is such a rewarding career. Definitely worth all the blood, sweat and tears.

GEORGE ALDERETE:Over the years so many clients & stylists have shown their appreciation with a smile or a nod of approval, but most of all, the two words of kindness that make it all worth while, Thank You. What they don’t know is that I can never repay them for providing me a career that gives me the opportunity to do what I love everyday.

LAUREN MOSER:My work as a stylist cannot be defined by dollars I’ve earned, or awards I have won. My career can however, be measured in the lives I’ve touched behind the chair. Not only have I taught my clients how to care for and style their own hair so that they can feel confident everyday when I’m not around, I have been their shoulder to cry on when they felt alone, and cheered them on when they reach milestones through out their lives. There is nothing more rewarding than bringing joy to others on a daily basis. Being a stylist is unlike any other job in the world, and I can’t imagine spending my days any other way!

MICHAEL HAASE:A love for the craft would be too simple, it’s a lifestyle, a full commitment to the art of hair design with all disciplines. Being able to share what I’ve learned gives a feeling of completeness that once again it will come around brand new. Give your history to the future to see it grow with young eyes and new hands.

DOUGLAS McCOY:Being a stylist allowed me to create. Create a look, a feel, a mood. The ability to help define someone. It’s all art forms rolled into one.

ALAIN PEREQUE:Being a stylist is a passion and a craft and not job! Having this amazing chance to impact, change, improve people’s life, confidence and self esteem, being a confident, a friend… and over and above doing your passion! You can’t ask for more – I would not change it for the world! So lucky!

RICHARD MANNAH:Being a hairstylist is very unique. As a hairstylist we have the best job in the world. We are able to dress as cool as we like, we get to listen to cool music, we get to work with different trends and fashion inspired looks and most importantly we get to make people look and feel good all day! To be able to be in people’s private space is a real unique thing we experience as hairstylists. Even with celebs and high profile figures. Everyone needs to make some space for their hairstylist! I’m very thankful I became a hairstylist 20 years ago and by doing so I have travelled the world and enjoyed and experienced many great opportunities.

JOSEPH CARTAGENA:Being a stylist is a multifaceted role! From gathering information of fashion and techniques, to creating a wardrobe of looks for my guest that is a reflection of that! To engage with my colleagues and push our visions forward as artists! That is so energetic and satisfying!

SHANNON KING:Thank you, thank you, thank you to all that are part of this amazing industry. YOU share, care, and give beauty every minute of your day and life. There is nothing that can stop an inspired hairdresser ever! We prove it everyday. Keep having fun, keep sharing, keep investing in our craft, and keep being you. I love us!

OMAR ANTONIO:Being a stylist means so many things to me. It means standing up and standing out. It means you are an individual’s artist. With a voice and a very special talent. Everyday is a blank canvas. What will you create today?

VICTORIA THURMAN HALL:It’s hard for me to put in words what being a stylist means to me. It’s my world. It’s my way of life. I get to make people feel good about themselves while I get all nerded out with chemistry and create at the same time. It’s made it to where I can take care of my family and it’s helped me create a bigger family of friends. It has allowed me to see and travel the world and stop and hold a clients hand as they struggle in life. It’s helped me grow as I’ve watched others grow. Being a stylist isn’t one thing, it’s everything.

MICHAEL MARENCO:I feel blessed because being a stylist allowed me to discover and learn more everyday, to have everyday a new challenge, and to learn and appreciate the power of Team Work. If you want to go fast, go alone… if you want to go far, go with your team.

SARAH ADAMS:Being a stylist is the most rewarding career choice, we are licensed to change lives!

RICHY KANDASAMY:For me being a stylist is first of all a hobby and the second is being able to make people happy and feel good about themselves just by being creative and having fun.

TANYA RAMIREZ:Cultivating the beauty that exists within and transforming it into an outward expression of self.


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