18 May 2024

How-To! Live Up the Glitter Fad: Dust Glitter on your Festival Fairies with UNITE

Glitter is making a statement in the hair world, seen as a tool to hide roots, to shine a little light into your life and as a fashion statement for vacations and celebrations.

Hair by 901 salon in L.A. gathered their best artists share with us two very special how-to’s by Tabitha Duenas with her sparkly baby buns and Brianna Colette who shares a shimmering flower crown braid for the princesses that are looking for a more spectacular accessory to add shine to their life. Learn how to get the looks using UNITE products!

Baby Buns by Tabitha Duenas
1. Spray UNITE’s TEXTURIZA Spray into dry hair.
2. Using tail comb, section hair down the center through to the nape.
3. Smooth each half into high, tight pony tails with a Mason Pierson brush.
4. Spray any flyaways with GO365 Hairspray. Using a fishtail technique, braid the legs of the ponytails.
5. Powder the braids with EXPANDA Dust and distress with your hands.
6. Wrap the braids into buns and secure with bobby pins.
7. For the glitter part; dispense gel into a bowl and mix in your favorite color glitter. Use a synthetic paint brush to apply to the part.

Crown Braid with Flowers by Brianna Colette
1. On dry hair apply UNITE’s TEXTURIZA Spray throughout hair.
2. Create a side part, sectioning hair into two.
3. Using the larger section of hair, begin French braiding at the hairline.
4. Continue braiding all around the perimeter of the head.
5. Finish braid and secure with hair tie.
6. Lightly apply UNITE’s EXPANDA Dust throughout braid to give hair texture and hold.
7. Place finished braid on top of head at hairline.
8. Tuck tail of braid into braid on head. Secure with bobby pins. 
9. Apply glitter into braided hair. Finish by adding a pre-made flower headpiece like this one made by @lauren.anewleaf  


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