27 January 2023

Sign Up ASAP! Wella launches ‘The Art of Making’ course with Michael Haase in two weeks!

In only a couple of weeks, Wella & Michael Haase are changing the game in education with a class unlike any other. It will not only teach you how to become a better hairstylist but how to harness and control your creativity while learning to understand your passions…

and it’s all taking place in May 9-10 in Los Angeles, so stop what you are doing and register, because this is a class that touches various levels of your hairstylist soul!


How do you harness creativity as a hairstylist? A slowed flow of inspiration happens to everyone in the creative field, but Wella is offering a new course for hairstylists unlike any other on the market. Michael Haase has decided to teach about his journey to lose your insecurities. Through demos, hands-on and conversation, this seminar will help enhance your thinking to let art happen. The course is called “THE ART OF MAKING – A JOURNEY INTO THE CREATIVE MIND WITH MICHAEL HAASE” and includes creative styling, shape building, design and much more!

Attendees will be invited to attend an exclusive Editorial photoshoot with the opportunity to shoot their own model alongside Michael Haase!

Me and Diego Raviglione (Artistic Manager Wella Studios North America) sat down together at Wella and he said, ‘You know what we should do? We should teach a course on how you come up with the stuff that you come up with.’ And I thought, yeah I could do that!,” says Michael.

Haase sticks to courses like “From the Chair,” “Red Carpet to Runway,” which has to do with a more editorial style, and the “Beyond Editorial,” which goes a bit into avant-garde, so Hasse wanted a course that combined these three and more about how to come up with these ideas. This is the launch of the new Wella class and you must not miss this to grow into the best and most self-fulfilling version of yourself!

It’s really a philosophy on how to train your mind differently,” says Haase. “This cause will cure them out of the mindset, am I good enough? It will teach you to be honest with what really excites you to become a creative, whether it’s yoga, or going on vacation, maybe the study of plants, because some people are just not tuned into it, so they have to train their mind to say, this really excites me, now how do I turn that into hair?

Hasse has methods and exercises that are very unorthodox, which he has done with his close team and now plans to introduce and share them with those who wish to attend his course. For people that are novices in the industry, this is a course that is new, exciting, and different from any other available course on the market. The more seasoned hairstylists will definitely learn something new within themselves, and how to use their already mastered skills to open their mind and become more secure in their craft through harnessing inspiration from within.

Learn to create better Editorial, Avant-Garde and Classic Shapes in hair design and train your eye for Success! Sign up below!

  • Duration: 2 days
    Who: Michael Haase
    What: Hands-on mannequin and model workshop
    Where: Wella Studio LA
    When: May 9-10, 2016 (10am–4pm)
    Why: To be the most creative version of you!
  • Price: $900 or 35,100 Global Elite



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