21 May 2024

INFRINGE: Anthony Mascolo bringing Global Hairinspo to the World

From Anthony Mascolo, award-winning hairdresser and International Creative Director of TIGI, comes INFRINGE, a new digital platform called which seeks to take styles out of context and explore the “Anthropology of Hair”.

INFRINGE is about celebrating the world of hair creatives in the broadest sense – Anthony cast a focus on anyone working with hair, across different creative disciplines.

Across the globe, we place enormous value on hair,” said Anthony Mascolo to our ESTETICA USA General Manager, Sergi Bancells in an exclusive interview in Miami. “Some is purely aesthetic, and millions of us spend hours grooming and maintaining it. But if we dig deeper, we can come to understand its value beyond this, its social and cultural significance across universal subjects which affect us all, in one way or another. The hair stories will always stay, they will grow, so I want those stories to be somewhere where people can trust it, and use it for inspiration.”

From the hairdressers, barbers and wigmakers using it as a medium for their craft, to the photographers capturing hair culture across the globe. The artists, activists and writers challenging perceptions of hair and its role in shaping our sense of identity. There are quite a few ways that Mascolo seeks to accomplish this. One major method is talking to stylists more about their inspirations, rather than their specific products or collections. Another, and the one that INFRINGE’s unique position thrives on, is taking submissions from anyone around the world and allowing them to talk about their “cult hair” – how they do, why, its significance, anything that they feel adds to the description of the hairstyling or method.

I believe that everyone is creating their own “cult” within the world of social media, and I want this to be reflected on INFRINGE’s platform so that we can show how people and culture intersect with hairstyling all around the world,” says Anthony. “At this moment in time we’ll keep INFRINGE pure, so we can keep a lot of that creative energy.”

This has been a project approximately 2 years in the making for Mascolo and his team, and he is excited to bring it to life. Besides posting on Instagram every day, INFRINGE will also turn the digital platform into a physical manifestation of the industry and plans to launch its own 800-page book with physical copies of the collections exhibited on the digital platform – as well as some never-before-seen exclusives.

IINFRINGE is something that I wouldn’t have done without the right people and I’m excited with the progress that the digital platform is already making,” states Mascolo.

A significant stipulation that Mascolo emphasizes is the lack of advertising and lack of attempt to make a monetary gain. Anthony highlights that this venture is not for the money, [but rather] to create something that can be different. The goal of INFRINGE is to allow creative stylists around the world to showcase their looks as well show the general public what happens in hair – essentially, it’s “more of a spectrum” than targeted content.

So, with the help of those on his team – whom he claims is “family first, artists after” – Mascolo has high hopes for the future.

Discover the World of INFRINGE here!


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