26 September 2022

Get the Looks: InstaTint by Joico – A Runway Hit at Alice+Olivia Fashion Show

The real star of the rockin’ Alice+Olivia by Stacey Bendet runway show was Joico InstaTint Temporary Color Shimmer Spray. Making its appearance in front of the ready-for-Coachella crowd, the bold pops of color generated the kind of hot style buzz that fashion fiends and festival lovers are known for.

With an iconic Grateful Dead theme as the backdrop, Joico celebrity hairstylist, Paul Norton, created three whimsical looks that garnered plenty of praise from the crowd… and now he’s giving you an encore peek. Get ready to rock these “hue-‘dos” and blow away your own audience…

ROCK THE KNOT: This ‘do cleverly weaves an undone knot with colorful braids—no hair accessory needed.
– Part dry hair to the side or slightly off-center, then apply Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray.
– Using a curling iron, add loose tousles and waves, working in two-inch sections of the hair.
– Now, switch to a beveled-edge flat iron, and create bends by alternating the direction of the waves from piece to piece.
– Next, spritz the entire head with Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer Spray and comb through with fingers to loosen the texture.
– Take a two-inch section of hair just above the ear and hold it out from the head, spraying with your favorite shade of InstaTint Temporary Color Shimmer Spray. Be sure to take several passes on both the top and bottom of the section, then blow it dry for several seconds and watch the color come to life.
– Run a wide-tooth comb through strands to disperse and soften the color.
– Braid the section loosely, and instead of finishing with an elastic, simply back-comb the ends (with a fine-tooth comb) to keep the braid from unraveling.
– Repeat these steps on the opposite side of the head.
– Now, take each braid and cross them—headband-style—over the crown of the hair, anchoring each one on the side with a few bobby pins.
– Gather loose tendrils at each side and loosely pull them back over the braid, connecting them in back with an elastic. (Rather than pulling hair all the way through the elastic, ponytail-style, go only halfway to create a knot.) Take excess hair and wrap it around to conceal the elastic.
– Finish by spraying with Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray.

PONY JAM: Take messy tresses, a couple of braids, and two chill ponytails to create the ultimate Boho coif.
– Part hair in the center and spray Ironclad from mid-shaft to ends.
– Use a large-barrel curling iron to create gentle, oversize waves throughout.
– Spray with Hair Shake and comb through with fingers to loosen and tousle.
– Create two low ponytails on each side of the head and secure with elastics.
– Pull out a one-inch section from each pony and spray with InstaTint in Fiery Coral.
– Once color is dry, comb through and gather up two additional small sections of hair to make a simple braid that will lie in front of the ponytail. Back-comb ends to hold the braid in place.
– Now, take another small section from each side and spray with Instatint; use it to wrap and conceal the elastic at the top of each ponytail.
– Finish the bottoms of the ponys with an additional application of Hair Shake for extra texture and body.

GRATEFUL BRAID: How a touch of color can turn a simple side braid into something stage-worthy.
– Part hair to the center or deeply to the side—your choice.
– Using a large-barrel curling iron in the middle of the hair only, create bends away from the face.
– Spray the entire head with Hair Shake and finger-comb for piecey texture.
– Choose the side you want the braid to rest on and pull hair over (low on the nape for a soft look), then secure with several bobby pins tucked discreetly behind one ear.
– Once hair is fastened, begin to separate into three sections, spraying one of them thoroughly with your favorite shade of InstaTint. Blow-dry fully, and soften the color with a wide-tooth comb.
– Begin creating a loose braid, leaving out a bit of hair at the end for a more unfinished style. Secure with either a hair tie or some serious back-combing, whichever will best hold strands in place.
– Apply more Hair Shake to the braid, gently pulling the sides out in a wiggling motion to add additional texture.
– Finish with Flip Turn for the ultimate hold.



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