9 December 2021

Video Alert! How to Cut and Blend Extensions by Ruth Roche

With extensions being so popular, it’s important to know how to customize them so they can look as natural as possible for clients. Extensions are not hard to craft (check it out here!) but even if they are custom made/colored, they should still be cut to blend with natural hair. 

Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, shows how it’s done:

Section hair in half, halfway up the head and clip top section away. Then, backcomb the bottom section where the clips will be placed with a Pureology Styling Comb – it backcombs larger areas right at the base.
Insert clips into hair with a slight upward movement, then direct down to anchor and clip close. The extension will be noticeable at the base, but will blend midshaft to ends. Repeat on other side.
● Drop down the top section to cover the area where the extensions are clipped in.
● Repeat first three steps on both sides of the head.
Clip natural hair up again and cut a couple different lengths in the extensions by holding little pieces and slicing varying length so the ends blend. Be sure to hold the ends and ‘shake’ the hair so that the client’s hair falls away before you cut, ensuring you don’t cut any of her own hair.
● There may be a gap between the shorter natural hair and the longer extensions on the sides, cut layers from short to long into the extensions to blend – making sure that the shortest piece matches up to the natural hair length.

Extensions really are amazing, because you can give anyone the hair of their dreams – all it takes is a little customization and you can convince almost anyone to wear them,” adds Roche. Look for other tips and tricks on www.ruthroche.com


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