3 October 2022

10 Years Strong: Aveda’s Worldwide Quest for Clean Water

Aveda’s global network of salons and experience centers, along with the brand’s artists and guests have raised a total of $38 million to support clean water projects.

At Aveda™ The Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences they’ve been dedicated to protecting clean water since 2007. So they are celebrating this 10-year milestone by continuing to champion this crucial cause with another April filled with fundraising events and activities. The Aveda mission? To care for the world we live in, from the products they make to the ways in which they give back to society.

Some of their favorite fundraising initiatives to support our passion include Catwalks for Water, Appointments for Clean Water℠ and Global Cut-a-Thon, which earned a Guinness World Record for the Most Money Raised for charity through haircuts in 24 hours in 2013.

For 10 years, Aveda have also donated 100% of the full $12 suggested retail price of their signature limited edition Light the Way™ Candles, to Global Greengrants Funds, a non-profit organization that channels high-impact grants to grassroots groups seeking to solve pressing environmental problems. And this year th brand plans to make even bigger waves than ever with the Catwalks for Clean Water 2016 events, which will raise money for 50 clean water partners around the world—over twice as many as in 2007.


Working with the Global Greengrants Fund, Aveda has so far provided 1,545 grants in 84 countries, positively impacting more than 817,000 lives with their water-related and earth-preserving projects. Aveda has also worked with 522 communities to fight toxic pollution, helped devote 101,000 acres to sustainable agriculture, engaged nearly 36,000 women in working toward clean water and galvanized 1,900 communities to address climate change which contributes to water shortages and scarcity across the globe.


Aveda’s partnerships have helped change lives in ways that we, who are lucky enough to have water flowing freely from a tap, could never imagine:

• In Madagascar: Women in Ampasimanjeva and Betampona in the Manakara region used to walk for hours each day fetching drinking water for their families. With support from Global Greengrants and Aveda, the communities built and learned to maintain a water system that supplies more than 4,500 people with fresh, clean water. In addition, Vohimasina, another nearby community, recently used Light the Way™ Candle funds to build wells that provide drinking water for 5,000 people and reduce the spread of waterborne diseases.

• In India: For years, farmers in Umbari have supplied us with turmeric—a star ingredient in many of our products. In turn, Aveda and Global Greengrants have funded water projects that have significantly reduced waterborne diseases, along with the time and effort it takes local women to collect safe drinking water. A local eco-conscious organization is using Earth Month Light the Way™ Candle funds to train farmers on how to farm sustainably, conserve heirloom seeds and harvest medicinal plants in nearby forests.

• In Nepal: Since 2007 Aveda, in partnership with the Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture (ANSAB), has helped afford access to clean and reliable drinking water to rural villages in Nepal, the sources for the green lokta paper we use for our holiday gift sets. In 2011, Aveda worked alongside of ANSAB and four rural communities to give 150 households clean water, and renewed their relationship with ANSAB in 2012 to supply an additional 300 households with clean drinking water in the village of Sikre.

• In Argentina: Along with Global Greengrants, Aveda is supporting a local group that is campaigning to stop fracking, which can contaminate groundwater, near South America’s largest reservoir.


And the clean water movement continues to grow! Over the past several years Aveda salons around the world from Denmark, Russia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Norway and Sweden have all joined the brand’s clean water cause. At Aveda they like to think that they’ve contributed to the 40% decline in the number of people worldwide without safe drinking water since 2007. But sadly, there are 750 million (1 out of every 9) people who still need our help, and that is why, they hope to see you at least one of Aveda’s Earth Month Events this April.


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