2 October 2022

Meet American Crew 2015-2016 All-Star Challenge Global Winner!

American Crew, the global leader in men’s grooming, just announced Sandra Perovic (United Kingdom) as the Global Winner of the 2015-2016 All-Star Challenge, the annual global competition to recognize the best men’s hair stylists in the world!

The American Crew All-Star Challenge is widely considered one of the top men’s grooming competitions in the world. The challenge focuses on the art of men’s grooming – creativity, technique and one’s interpretation of masculinity in the modern world.

Thousands of stylists from all over the world entered the competition, with the following country finalists chosen to represent on the global stage tonight in Paris: Federico Lucchese (Italy), Frederic Mendes De Sousa (Luxemburg), Frida Andersson (Norway), Givi Jintchvelashvili (Georgia), Guillaume Fort (France), Guy Gallo (Australia), Hassan Nasser (Canada), Jesper Olsen (Denmark), Kevin Herzog (Switzerland), Paulo Soares (Portugal), Renat Murzagaleev (Ukraine), Roberto Dallo (Spain), Rustam Mirasov (Russia), Sandra Perovic (United Kingdom) & Sara Leahy (USA).

The global judging panel for the competition was: Sandra Nygaard, Fashion and Grooming Director, Men’s Health; Sergi Bancells, General Manager USA, Spain and Latin America, ESTETICA MAGAZINE; Sergiy Shapochka, 2014-2015 All-Star Challenge Global Champion; Theri DeJoode, Global Technical Director, American Crew & Director + Co-owner, Groom for Men; and Paul Wilson, Global Artistic Director, American Crew & Co-owner and Creative Director, Art + Science Salon.

Meet Sandra Perovic!

Sandra started barbering in 2011 at the age of 17 in Vancouver (Canada), where she worked at Visage for 18 months. She then moved to C-ZO in Vancouver where she started to do competition work. She has received two Mirror Awards, a prestigious award in Canada, and was named Mirror Men’s Stylist of the Year in 2015.

What do you love most about being a stylist?
Being able to recreate and express new looks. Being a stylist means having no boundaries.”

How has American Crew influenced the way you view men’s grooming?
The American Crew brand is very creative and edgy — it helps create any look that I want to achieve.

What was the inspiration for your UK Title winning look and what American Crew products did you use to create it?
I wanted my look to have texture and be very modern, while having a classy but edgy feel. I used Pomade, Grooming Spray and Molding Clay to achieve my look.”

How did you feel when you won?

What advice would you give to anyone looking to pursue a career as a stylist?
Make sure that you always remember your love for the industry. It’s a tough industry if you don’t love it. Push your limits. Change it up every day so that it doesn’t become repetitive.


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