16 August 2022

Hair Salon Ideas: The Chair of Silence

At the Bauhaus salon in Wales, the chair of silence is dedicated to clients who prefer not to hear chatter and sounds – learn how it works!

One of the secrets of hairdressers is to entertain clients. For example, with the latest news in hair fashion, but also gourmet restaurants where diners can eat delicious dishes, or gossip about the sales clerk in the shop that just opened around the corner. But do all clients want to be immersed in words? The answer is obviously, “No”. So what can be done?

British Bauhaus salons in Cardiff have thought of a solution by introducing the chair of silence, dedicated to clients who prefer to relax, without conversing with their hairdresser.

The owner of the salons, Scott Miller, told us that it is an opportunity to turn off the rest of the world and find a niche of peace and tranquillity. “Our team is made up of brilliant conversationalists, a fundamental characteristic of a good hairstylist, and most of our clients come to us for a chat as well. But we also have clients who have a busy and stressful life: they are people used to socializing with other people all day long, and so they need a bit of peace and quiet.”

How does the chair of silence work?
When making an appointment, clients can decide whether to receive services in the chair of silence, in a secluded area, or in the main salon. There are some clients who prefer to chat, but once in a while choose to book the chair of silence to have a moment of peace. It all depends on their mood.”


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