22 March 2023

Top 4 Reasons to See a Professional Colorist by Aveda’s Ian Michael Black

At-home hair color may seem convenient, but as Ian notes the results can be unpredictable… it’s always better to invest the time to see a professional colorist! Here Ian Michael Black, Aveda’s Global Artistic Director, Hair Color, gives you the top four reasons why…

A colorist is an artist and nothing will compare to having your hair colored by someone who has the visual artistic eye for hair color, and also a high level of expertise and experience. A colorist can open your eyes to see what’s possible in terms of your hair color, skin tone and eye color. They can refine that color and tone into a perfect shade that is unique for that person.”

A colorist doesn’t need to color over everything. They are equipped with the skills to just place the color only where it is needed, and in the long-term your hair will feel healthier, shinier and have a more youthful appearance.”

By seeing an Aveda colorist you will be experiencing Aveda color, which is high-quality professional color customizable for the individual. It also has an up to 93% naturally derived formula (from plants, non-petroleum minerals or water) that infuses the hair with incredible, healthy looking shine with a signature blend of botanical oils. The Aveda color lines our artists use help provide artisanal results of multi-dimensional texture, shine and gorgeous color.”

Going to a salon allows you to take a moment for yourself. At Aveda, we have complimentary Rituals of Renewal, so while your color is processing you will get any one of our rituals, such as a cup of Aveda Comforting Tea, Stress-Relieving Hand and Arm Massage, or an Aroma Sensory Journey.

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