1 April 2023

How-To! Head to the Galaxy & Beyond with Goldwell Regional Artist Tiffany Blair

Looking for pops of color to change up your look this spring? Goldwell Regional Artistic Team member, Tiffany Blair, created this gorgeous palette of the colors inspired by the lights of the galaxy to give you a fresh, new look. Get the look!

Learn how Tiffany achieved this look using Goldwell products:

Step 1. Pre-lighten hair with 35ml Topchic 6% (20vol) lotion + 1 scoop Oxycur Platin Dust-free Lightening Powder to a level 9.
Step 2. Next, apply Elumen Prepare to towel dried hair from roots to ends, then dry hair.
Step 3. Starting at the back of the crown, create a triangular section on the top of the head.
Step 4. Apply Elumen VV@all to the remaining hair.
Step 5. Starting at the widest part of the triangular section, rotate each formula using a slicing technique. Process for 30min.
                 Formula A: 20ml VV@all
                 Formula B: 10ml Bl@all+15ml Tq@all+5ml Pk@all
                 Formula C: 20 ml Tq@all+20ml Clear
                 Formula D: 15 ml Pk@all+25 ml SB@10
Step 6. Shampoo twice with Elumen Wash and towel dry thoroughly. Apply Elumen Lock for 5 minutes. Rinse and condition with Elumen Treat

For more information, please visit www.goldwell.us


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