22 April 2024

Collection of the Month: KINTRENDS 016 by KIN Cosmetics

A fusion of hairdressing and technology brings to your hands the new KINTRENDS016 collection by KIN Cosmetics available in a free app that you can take anywhere for inspiration!

Fashion, technology and innovation have come together in KIN Cosmetics, a brand that has just released not only the new trends collection for 2016, but also an app for Android and iOS that contains all of the visual content that you can download without any additional cost.

The new collection was directed by Handmade Barcelona Studio, and introduces us to three wonderful women that reflect and embody various interpretations of our society: Camile, Clara & Jana. Through a “trend report” and a conceptual video, we dive into the lifestyle of each girl, from which we see Arty, Natural and Tech-a-Porter, respectively.

These styles, from which the looks of the collection are inspired from, present themselves in the app with their step-by-step tutorials and photos, both on the cutting technique and color application.

The ARTY hair trend speaks on the ability of opening up all sensations and sensibilities in others, especially the state of mind in creativity, since art is essentially the manifestation of emotions and consciousness. Using hair as a canvas, hairstylist are aware that restlessness to create and creativity are the most artistic facet of the trade.

The second trend in KINTRENDS016 is NATURAL and is profoundly tied to the treatment and coloration line KINESSENCES. Natural represents the movement of Healthy Living. Seeing through the concept of what is considered strictly fashion, this look is here to stay and is essential for understanding today and tomorrow’s clients in salons. Those clients with a consciously healthy lifestyle need a service that takes care of their hair as much as they take care of their mind and body.

TECH-A-PORTER places an emphasis on the form of communication that we have so far accepted. It speaks of a connected generation that communicates through the web of technology  and social media to ultimately become our face of presentation towards society. 

Download the free app here:
iPhone https://itunes.apple.com/es/app/kin-cosmetics/id1081762205?mt=8
Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sixtemia.kintrends


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