8 December 2022

Introducing the New Joico Co+Wash Three Revolutionary Co-Washes

Imagine cleansing and conditioning hair in a single shot. Cleansing conditioners or “co-washes” as they are also known, do just that and are a great option to supplement your regular hair-washing regimen.

As a 2-in-1 product (cleanse + condition at the same time) they also have other benefits like leaving hair more manageable and increased longevity of hair-color, so who wouldn’t want to be “codependent” on a co-wash?

But, there’s a fair share of “cons” that are leaving many saying, “too good to be true” and confounded over whether they can really depend on a co-wash. From having to use too much product, to problems applying evenly on a lot of hair. Now, Joico comes up with a co-wash series that out-performs the category! Picture luxurious locks that are strikingly healthy, shiny, frizz-free, and nourished, with none of the hassle. So washing your hair with a co-wash won’t be a chore anymore.

Introducing a whole new way to co-wash with three revolutionary co-washes from Joico:

Color Co+Wash – Whipped Cleansing Conditioner for color-treated hair
Moisture Co+Wash – Whipped Cleansing Conditioner for dry hair
Curl Co+Wash – Whipped Cleansing Conditioner for curly hair

…These groundbreaking hybrids that will change the way you care for your hair forever. With Moisture Co+Wash you get seriously softer, shinier, stronger strands; Curl Co+Wash takes frizz and throws it to the curb; Color Co+Wash locks in beautiful new hues, and keeps them going strong until your next salon service. Do they lather? You bet they do: the unique delivery system transforms these “cleansing conditioners” into the richest, creamiest foam ever. A “joi” to behold. Literally.

Joico Co+Wash gives you an entirely better and more joyful way to co-wash with a unique delivery system that dispenses a “whipped” formula, so it’s easy to distribute the product from root to tip – significantly reducing the amount of product needed and giving you an overall more satisfying experience, from roots to ends!

Why You’ll Love Them
– Use 50% less than your typical co-wash for the same great results*
– Approximately 25 uses per can
– Sulfate-free
– Unique delivery system creates a lather that transforms these “cleansing conditioners” into the richest, creamiest foam ever

Color Co+Wash
– 3X more color-locking protection***
– Color-treated tresses are 2X more resistant to breakage**

Moisture Co+Wash
– Seriously softer, shinier strands, plus over 59% reduced breakage**
– More than 94% of testers agreed that their hair looked and felt less dry after just one use

Curl Co+Wash
– Beautifully shaped, controlled curls and waves that defy frizz
– Curls are 3X more resistant to breakage**

*Based on half head salon testing between BOV and bottle application.
**Against combing breakage on damaged hair vs. a non-conditioning shampoo.
*** Vs. daily shampoo and conditioner after one month of use.

All three of Joico’s NEW Color Co+Wash, Moisture Co+Wash, and Curl Co+Wash (8.5 oz., $23.99 SRP) are available starting May 2016 in salons, nationwide and at Joico.com


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