5 October 2022

Video Alert! Creating Live Portraits with Aerorasor

Aerorasor is a revolutionary cutting tool. Like a brush of an artist, designed to open up creative possibilities and deliver unparalleled ergonomics. Art style and technique is essential in painting a proper portrait when standing behind the chair.

This tool allows you to target the finest of details using rare Japanese Blades apt for dry wet, curly thick, hair extensions. The sharp edges guarantee super smooth slicing without damaging any hair type.

There are 4 blades which can all be rotated in any position, protecting the artists from injuries from trade. Each knife has its own unique cutting techniques and effects on the hair so you can achieve very detailed and creative work. All these techniques are well covered in our Training Programs

The blades are made of high quality Japanese steel for durability and safely packed in polystyrene.

S Blade
Straight blade designed for creating guide lines and the basic design of the coupe.

V Blade
This attachment has a special V-shape with which you can easily and safely slice,cut channels and sculp. This knife is ideal for detailing and creating movement. Allows for very controlled and sophisticated work in the hair.

T Blade
This attachment is particularly well suited to provide movement to the haircut, to remove heaviness and / or to accomplish specific details. You can create different lengths in a section so you can quickly design and create volume.

C Blade
Straight blade with a removable protective cap. This blade is primarily used when there are large amounts of hair that need to be cut at one length. Also great for establish contour lines and creating sharp lines. Ideally suited for barbers and men’s hair stylists.

If you would like to check out more technical videos click here!


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