1 December 2021

Video Alert! Boost your Business: Pinky educates Estetica about ColorpHlex

Being different is in. After a period of hair trends where lived-in hair was being lived in my most, we are now facing a trend of stinging out and being as different as possible, with almost irreplaceable hand-painted looks, fantasy hair, under lights, and unicorns. The downside of this trend? DAMAGE.

Christine Dillon aka Pinky has a career of over 15 years as a hairstylist, colorist, instructor, hairstylist, educator, whose life and business was changed at ISSE 2016, where she met her next love… product love that is. ColorPhlex has changed her business and her own hair. Her clients now come out with soft and healthy fantasy hair regardless of the status of the hair that walks into the salon.

Most of the daring clients don’t understand that the integrity of hair is destroyed so the colors that result will not look as equally vibrant because the hair shaft is porous and uneven. To fix uneven color, Pinky applies ColorPhlex and that repairs the hair while it is processing to result in a service just like the picture they bring in. Whether her clients want fantasy colors, bleach, perms, or extensions, ColorPhlex changes one hair strand at a time. It fills in hair shaft before you start doing the service.

See how ColorPhlex has changed the way other stylists do color: join the ColorPhlex Family of Users at www.facebook.com/groups/colorphlexfamilyofusers/


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