29 September 2022

The Power of Unity and Partnership in Business… But do it RIGHT!

Unity is power! This is a reality in life as much as in business where it is best to have support and “travel buddies.”

The management of a business or a company is not an easy task, especially when there is little or no experience to be had. If you have not gotten the chance to learn, and no one has taught you yet, it is only logical that you may find yourself in problems at the time of managing everything that requires proper workflow.

For the beauty professional, it is easy to bring about the technical part of the artistry to a company; it is fun, creative, and quite frankly, a part of the work that is enjoyable. Whether you put forth a lot or little effort, or whether there is a lot of little motivation, it is easy to move forward. But what happens when you have to keep in mind other aspects, like sales, the management of the shop, bureaucracy, banks, etc.? It is always easier if those tasks are spread our amongst many, especially when there is someone who knows a lot, and even likes, the task at hand ready to take that responsibility.

There are various options:

1. Another professional in the salon that, like you, can bring something to the table on a daily basis but that also feels comfortable with the management aspect. Even if they do not know how to go about the management, they care to train in the aspect of it.

2. Finding a professional who is already an expert in the aspect of management and wishes to collaborate with you and “take away the headache” so that you can be centered in the artistic labor of your work. The “poetic side” as I like to call it. It is essential, however, that you understand the sector profoundly.

Imagine what it would be like to arrive to your salon and only having to worry about how to perform your art in the best way possible, train your team, improve your services, and offer your clients the best way to set your business apart from the competition all while knowing that the administration is under good hands. Knowing that someone who is prepared  and that you trust will realize any sales in the most adequate manner, in contact with your consultant, with your bank. Someone who you are sure will think about offers, promotions, price lists, etc.

Believe me it is possible, efficient and best of all profitable!

In the last months of my consultations, I find myself more often than not in this situation. Hairdressers overload and stress themselves out with the management of their salons and on the other hand, fortunately learn to gain interest for that part of owning a business.

The result is fantastic when the two sides of salons fuse, businesses that unite forces and their salons with a philosophy and strategy of common practices. It leads to the creation of an artistic director and that of a salon director.

As every aspect of life, there are good things, as we has seen so far, there are other things that you have to make an effort to be aware of. For example at the moment when you have to choose a partner. This analysis phase, which I always emphasize because without a doubt it is crucial, you have to make sure you value many things and be clear since the beginning and more importantly leave it written.

Assess with your consultant and a lawyer to see the best fiscal option according to your country, region or state and let me make it clear, IN WRITING:

  1. – Which will be your functions
  2. – Which functions will be your partner’s
  3. – What each side each will bring to the table
  4. – How the duties are to be divided within the business
  5. – Whether the division of power is individual or shared and in what aspects
  6. – How the bills are going to be managed, who is signing
  7. – How the agreement/partnership would dissolve in case that comes up in the future

Do not rush the process, think about it a lot, and carefully choose your business partner the same way that you would choose your partner in life. You have to be aware that your future depends on it.

Define your priorities, what makes you happy, make decisions, work hard and be consistent… success will arrive without a doubt. A happy and rentable project!


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