30 November 2022

‘Estetica 70’ Celebratory Gallery steals the show at Cosmoprof Worldwide

An outstanding success at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna as the Gallery celebrating 70 years of Estetica Magazine was the talk-of-the-town! This stunning image selection black and white is a timeline depicting some of the most beautiful hair images from 1946 to 2016.

From both a creative and an historical perspective, there was great interest in an exhibition which celebrates 70 years Estetica Magazine. These one hundred images, selected from the many thousands stored in the ESTETICA central archives in Torino (Italy), represent a unique, unmissable insight into the heritage of our industry.

Many of the younger hairdressers and industry guests who visited the gallery, hour after hour, throughout the trade fair have been especially mesmerized by the beauty and stunning reproduction of the earlier hair fashion plates, many of which were photographed long before they were even born. For those whose memories stretch back that bit further, they evoke a recollection and nostalgia for styles which, although created decades ago, have continued to enjoy a resurgence right up to the present day.

To bring the story right up-to-date, it was gratifying and yet somewhat ironic to see how many visitors took the opportunity to use their state-of-the-art smart phones to share a selfie-moment with the beauties from a bygone era!


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