29 November 2023

Introducing Sexy Hair Experience: the NEW National Interactive Show by Sexy Hair

Sexy Hair®, industry experts in cutting and styling, takes its high-energy classes on the road across North America with nine high-energy, interactive shows. For just $49, this three-hour class features four of the top Sexy Hair artists, including Artistic Director Rafe Hardy!

What You Will Experience:

● Global Trends
● Quick, efficient ways to finish hair
● New ways to create looks

● How to give each man in your chair his own unique haircut
● Top 10 things you need to know about Men’s cutting
● Techniques to make your male client’s cut unique to them

● In Depth look proprietary time-saving and body conscious cutting system, Structure in Motion™
● Time saving techniques for better focus on connecting with customers
● Balancing creativity with technical skills
● Unique cutting techniques from around the globe

● Increasing client loyalty
● Making your salon profitable
● Motivating staff and making them strong retailers
● Increase earnings without working more hours

Dates and Locations:

April 17-18 – Newfoundland, Canada
May 1 – Glendale, AZ
May 15 – Columbus, OH
June 25 – Grand Rapids, MI
Sept. 12 – Chicago, IL
Sept. 26 – TBD
Oct. 3 – Tampa, FL
Nov. 7 – Napa, CA

To purchase tickets visit www.sexyhair.com, Salon Centric or your sales consultant!


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