11 December 2023

Welcome Estetica Romania! The New EsteticaNetwork Website is now ONLINE!

The new website of Estetica Romania is online at: www.estetica.ro …welcome to the he newest addition to the EsteticaNetwork digital family!

Now there are 13 flags flying over the header of each of our websites. In fact, there are 13 websites that EsteticaNetwork has launched over recent years. The latest is www.estetica.ro: it features the same technical and graphic characteristics that have made our format a success in the hair and beauty industry!

The website is easy to navigate, with a minimal yet complete menu, while visitors can enjoy striking visual impact, interactivity between the website and social media, and, above all, continual updates and gorgeous imagery. Thanks to the collaboration with the local publisher SC Ingo International in Bucharest, who for years has been producing and distributing Estetica Romania throughout the country, feedback for the launching of www.estetica.ro has been very positive: page views continue to grow, local and international brands are offering positive feedback, and bloggers and readers are interested…

Stay tuned for more EsteticaNetwork exciting news!


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