9 December 2023

Indeed… I Do! by Paul Gehring

Traditional wedding hairstyles are a thing of the past – not surprising when you consider that weddings are now occasions for diversity and personal expression… and generally far from traditional!

For Paul Gehring and his team, the most important thing is to make the individuality and character of both components of the happy couple stand out. Not change them just because they’re getting married.

What aspect do you focus on? Where does the inspiration for the hairstyles come from?
Paul Gehring:The most important thing is to make the person’s own individuality and character stand out, not to change them just because they are getting married. The basic idea is that when we get married we should not stop being who we are just because of the wedding. Nowadays it is not necessary to change your style when, for example, you have always worn your hair long and straight or, for men, to shave off your beard. If I were a young woman with short hair, the most obvious thing to do would be to keep the same look on my wedding day. There is not just one single pattern that is universally valid for all brides or grooms, not even regarding the colour of the dress. With this collection we are aiming at showing that people can get married however they want to, with short hair or with romantic wavy hair.”

Where does the inspiration for the haircuts come from?
We have sought to create the right look and we have adapted it to each person. We want to show that the “new normal” applies to all aspects of life. This includes your wedding day too, when you have to decide how to do your makeup and your hairstyle.”

How long will the mega-trend of the “natural look” last?
It is a trend that is still going to be around for rather a long time.”

Apart from the “natural look” trend, is there an opposite way to express personality, one that places a greater priority on colouring and styling?
Yes, you could say that there are two extremes. Both of them express one’s own inherent personality, but they are brought out in different ways. If a person noticeably changes their style on an occasion like this, that does not mean they do no appreciate what nature has given them.”

The trend for blending gender roles can clearly be felt in this current collection. Could it be said that a reversal is taking place? Men are sporting long beards and voluminous hairstyles and some women have their hair cut very short or are even bald…
Quite the contrary, we are talking about ending gender differences not reversing them. It is all about reflecting the way in which each person lives his or her life without being caught up in gender issues.”

What role does the catchword “Freedom” play?
This term plays a key role in the collection. Everyone can choose when, how and who they want to marry and how to dress and do their hair on that special day.

And what about “Conventions?
Wanting to celebrate something as conventional as getting married does not mean you cannot do it freely and in line with your way of being and expressing yourself. Who can decide that I should need to meet certain conditions to get married? We should adapt traditions and conventions to the age we are living now.”

  • Credits
    Hair: Paul Gehring for Alcina
    Makeup: Fabrizio Camponeschi
    Photo: Carlo Battillocchi


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