5 October 2022

Three Secrets to De-Bulk your Clients Weight in only minutes!

The De-Bulker is a tool unlike any other texturizing tool that creates an effect that would usually take patience and time to make. Michael Baker is the mastermind behind this useful and practical tool. 

De-Bulker is a texturizing trimmer and a whole new way to create hair art, and from a technical place, we believe that a broken line should be as precise as a straight line. 

Always taking classes to better himself, Baker met Dwight Miller (Creative Director of Zotos) who noticed something unique in Baker and invited him to be a platform artist and travel around the world. With the advent of music videos, Baker moved to Chicago to learn editorial hairdressing for fashion advertising, including Italian Vogue, W, Allure, Elle, Interview, and Vogue.

His attachment makes texturizing hair an efficient, precise, single-step process. 
These attachments were designed to eliminate bulk and the time-consuming process of chipping and notching. The enemy of volume and movement is weight, even on fine hair. 
To create texture within a haircut, it is necessary to break up a solid line. De-Bulk the hair.


What is it?
The perfect attachment for blending and slightly removing bulk.

Who is it for?
Designed for use on clients who desire smooth, heavy texture in hair.

What does it do?
This attachment creates a smooth, velvety texture in the hair and allows the stylist to achieve maximum control. A Bob haircut can just lay there; creating shorter lengths in the interior will allow it to move better.

How do you use it?
Can be used from mid-shaft to ends of the hair. The stylist’s motions should move while cutting out to the ends. Ideal for use on the perimeter of short haircuts.


What is it?
The perfect attachment for creating moderate but noticeable texture and separation.

Who is it for?
Designed specifically for use on clients with coarse, curly hair.
Rated PG (parental guidance suggested).

What does it do?
This guard creates control and texture while removing bulk. It creates volume, dimension and breaks up solid.

How do you use it?
Run through the hair downwards from mid-shaft to ends to create movement. Roots to ends to remove more bulk.


What is it?
The perfect attachment for creative hair design. Used to create extreme texture.

Who is it for?
Clients with very bulky hair looking to eliminate weight and have more natural movement.
Rated R (user’s discretion advised).

What does it do?
This guard achieves texture and separation. It creates volume and dimension and breaks up solid lines for modern styles.

How do you use it?
Can be used from mid-shaft to ends of the hair. Keep blades moving while cutting out to the ends.

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