8 December 2021

Estetica Exclusive with David Nieves – Wella Studios Signature Team

Wella Studios Signature Team member David Nieves is the oldest son in a family with four younger sisters, giving him a very special insight into the hair world since his youth.

His eclectic perspective based on client care, shape, form and balance was the result of his early exposure and his current role at the Wella World Studio NYC allows him to nurture, build and contribute to his student’s success while pushing his own standards of excellence.

How did you start your journey with Wella?
My journey with Wella started right out of beauty school. I met whom would, in the future become my mentor and friend and a top colorist for Wella, Alexandra Matiz.”

Can you share your experience about being involved in such a prestigious artistic team?
It is a mind-blowing experience when we work together. We are all experienced in what we do but when you put all of us in a room and ask us to produce a cohesive collection teamwork takes another meaning, it’s almost as if you put different parts of the consciousness of a being together. I truly have to say that magic happens.

What do you think sets Wella, as a company, apart?
First and foremost the passion that we have as a company and the unity of all of the Wella artists and the both, the inside of the company and the external family that comprises Wella.”

What are the key trends –in terms of color & cut– for Spring 2016?
Creating patterns and using the new BRONDE color Palette. More specifically, light golden Hues with hints of soft cool and warm browns. Cut wise. I feel that cutting from a strong short new shape to soft flowy long shapes that live in harmony with the color and reflect the personality of your client.”

What are some of your personal Wella favorite products?
My all-time favorite color is Color Touch. The malleability of this product is amazing, it gives me the liberty to express myself. As of recently I have a new found love for Illumina and the new shades because it gives me a closer to natural finish for my more experienced client, and instamatic for the ability to create those new modern pastel shades that are on trend at the moment and so many of our younger clientele are seeking for.”

Knowing that Wella has a strong commitment to education, what is your perspective on the hairdressing industry and education?
Education is the pinnacle of hairdressing, if you look closely you’ll see how our industry morphs every few years into something new (new techniques/new products/new mega trends) for all of these Wella have been educating and helping stylists at all levels, all over North America to learn new techniques, apply them properly at their work place, grow their client base, and achieve their goals. That is our Goal!!!

As a member of such a prestigious team, what is the question you get asked about most by stylists?
Essentially, what are the new trends? What are the new products? What is the new technique? And personally where I’ve been what have I seen in other parts of the world?

What have you done to stay on top?
To really stay on top, you have to keep an eye out for what’s next, not only in hair and fashion and all aspects of life. I always look at magazines, ads, and stay in contact with the younger generation to hear and see what their point of view is. Nowadays looking into digital versions of all the forefront editorials for future stars in each segment is as important as being in the middle of the fashion world (either LA or NY).

What is your funniest memory while working with the rest of the team?
Getting done with NYFW and sitting in a couch looking at what we have done cheering each other for our contribution to the collection – feeling really good about it.

What is something you always pack in your travels?
My small color brushes. They allow me to be extremely precise in my color application and they are not in production anymore therefore I carry them everywhere!!!

In three words, how would others define your personal technique/specialty?
I think I’ll ask my coworkers…a true master colorist!!!

In terms of the future and longevity with the brand, what are your long-term goals with Wella?
In my eyes the sky is the limit when it comes to growth with Wella, at the moment I would like to start experiencing both facilitating and taking training/seminars in other countries. The rich culture that Wella has all over the world is parallel to none and the ability to communicate and share all the knowledge is extremely appealing to me at the moment.”

Check the March WELLA STUDIOS Education Calendar here!


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