27 March 2023

Video Alert! ColorpHlex Challenge: 4 colors in 4 weeks – see the results!

Stylist Adina Ferra was invited by ColorpHlex to work on a model and change the color for her virgin hair to 4 different colors in 4 different weeks. The outcome, smashing healthy colored hair!

Adina has noticed the trend shift. Women are no longer conforming to the trendy looks seen in magazines, or in the media. Today more women choose to pick unique color combination that stand out instead of blend in.  It’s almost like a rebellious stance that woman are taking; to be unique and to let their own hair “personalities” shine through. The problem? Hair damage.

That is why ColorpHlex decided to create an extreme environment in which color would undoubtedly damage the hair without this hero product and ESTETICA brings you the video as evidence of the color miracles that can be created by using ColorpHlex to protect the hair.

In 4 colors in 4 weeks, the model Kimberly had virgin hair. Each week, per manufacturer’s instructions, Adina used PRAVANA zero lift bleach and mainly used their VIVIDS collection.

Week 1: I used the PRAVANA LOCK-IN Purple as the base and wove in pink, wild orchid highlights and pulled the purple through in parts of the weave. Her hair was virgin before the first process and it turned out strong, healthily, shiny and didn’t feel like it went through any sort of color or lightening process.

Week 2: I used PRAVANA VIVIDS Green and Orange on her hair. After the second treatment her hair still felt strong, healthy and shiny. It once again did not feel like it had gone through any sort of color or lightening process.

Week 3: I used PRAVANA VIVIDS blue, red and orange. Her hair still turned out vibrant, strong, and looked healthy. You could start to slightly tell that her hair had been processed but her hair remained in great condition and had no damage.

Week 4: I used PRAVANA VIVIDS violet for the base and mixed highlights with wild orchid, magenta, and pink. In a separate bowl I also mixed magenta together with the pink to create a custom pink color as an additional highlight. After the 4th week her hair felt like it had gone through a color and lightening process, but it was not damaged, and I didn’t shy away from using any sort of hot tools on her. Her hair maintained its health, shine and vibrancy.

In between color treatments Adina gave Kimberly the ColorpHlex Home Care Kit (containing shampoo, conditioner, and Nv Leave-in, that are all formulated with the same ColorStrong Complex™ as ColorpHlex and had her style with Marrakesh Oil Elixir.

Overall the 4 colors in 4 weeks experience has opened our eyes to the amazing possibilities a stylist has today. The ability to break the rules without breaking bonds and creating never seen before color combinations. Being able to express your artistic sides and having our client’s embrace this new trend of experimentation with their hair is only possible because of bond builders and products like ColorpHlex

To see more join the ColorpHlex Family Of Users Group here: www.colorphlexfamilyofusers.com


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