2 December 2021

What a Curl Wants! Repairing, Replenishing, Perfecting Curls with Joico Curl

It’s a curl’s best friend! From the healthy hair company that’s bringing the joy back to hair, comes new JOICO CURL to get rid of those curly girl woes and instead gives you that spring in your curl to add that spring in your step!

With its exclusive triple-action CurlRepair Technology it gets to the root of all your curl issues repairing, replenishing and perfecting your curl, so that you don’t have to hide your curls anymore – it’s time to show them off!

As a curly hair girl you have specific hair needs, and you’ve struggled with specific hair issues all your life. But at Joico we think because of that, a Curl Girl, is a confident girl! With Joico Curl you’ll have 100% Curl Confidence! The full Joico Curl haircare line consists of 7 products that come to your curl’s rescue:

Curl Cleansing – sulfate-free shampoo (300 ml. / 10.1 fl. oz., SRP $14.99) – Sulfate-free, curl-enhancing shampoo purifies tresses without stripping moisture, leaving curls beautifully bouncy yet defined.
• Ideal for those with medium density, dry, frizzy curly/wavy hair who crave full-body curls with movement
• Alternate with Curl Crème CO+Wash for added body

Curl Nourished – conditioner (300 ml. / 10.1 fl. oz., SRP $16.99) – Wonderfully versatile leave-in/rinse-out conditioner weightlessly nourishes and rebuilds curls while combating frizz.
• Ideal for all curl types
• Rinse out of fine-to-medium density hair
• Leave in medium-to-thick, coarse hair

Curl Perfected – curl-correcting milk (150 ml. / 5.1 fl. oz., SRP $17.99) – Lightweight, conditioning emulsion nourishes, seals and balances pH for perfect, frizz-free curls.
• A must-have for all curly/wavy hair
• Makes a great cutting lotion

PRO TIP: Curl Perfected is not just for curly hair. It’s also amazing to balance pH, even-out porous ends and seal in moisture on long, ombré and/or bleached hair!

DID YOU KNOW… Water’s pH can cause hair to swell and become frizzy? Before adding styling products, curly hair needs to be saturated, but not towel-dried! Our Curl Perfected curl correcting milk has a pH of 3.5-4.5 to balance hair’s pH, causing it to constrict and evenly “push out” water eliminating fast-drying, frizzy ends. Plus, it also nourishes hair and seals the surface to create the perfect base for perfectly formed, frizz-free curls!

Always Use Curl Perfected prior to your stylers! When you do add your stylers, always start your application at the ends and work your way up toward the scalp, then either air-dry the hair or dry with a diffuser attachment.

Curl Refreshed – reanimating mist (150 ml. / 5.1 fl. oz., SRP $17.99) – Moisturizing mist restores hydration and reactivates styling products, refreshing curls between washes.
• Ideal for all curls and waves that need to be reshaped
• Keep a bottle in your purse for an on-the-spot pickme-up

PRO TIP: Curl Refreshed is the perfect tool to use when refreshing your shape after dry cutting!

Curl Defining – contouring foam-wax (150 ml. / 5.1 fl. oz. / 145 g, SRP $16.99) – Rich foam behaves like a wax, gliding easily through hair to create strong-yet touchable curls.
• Ideal for those with dry, erratic, frizzy, curly/wavy hair who desire defined texture and a dry to the touch, smooth finish.

Curl Controlling – anti-frizz styler (100ml / 3.4 fl. oz., SRP $13.99) – Reduces volume, bringing curls closer to the head while controlling frizz.
• Ideal for those with dry, erratic curls/waves who desire defined curl formation and a smooth finish.

Features & Benefits
Over 64% less breakage after just one use (when using Curl Cleansing and Curl Nourished, against combing breakage on damaged hair vs. a nonconditioning shampoo).
3-day frizz protection, even in 90% humidity (when using either Curl Defining or Curl Controlling, with Joico Clean Curl Shampoo vs. a non-conditioning shampoo).
65% Softer Curls (when using Curl Cleansing and Curl Nourished together).
Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex™ –proven to repair existing hair damage and prevent future damage– delivering targeted, around-the-clock repair when and where your curls need it.
Triple-Oil Complex a super-nourishing combination of Avocado, Babassu and Camelina Oils that helps replenish deep moisture to curls.
AquaLastik® our state of the art technology featuring flexible-yet-firm resins and thermal-protecting deep seam minerals that enhances curl memory and helps control frizz.

For more information, please visit Joico.com


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