9 December 2021

Meet the Wahl Men’s Method: Accelerate Men’s Grooming Performance for Schools & Students

You asked for it, and Wahl Professional delivered! Launched in 2015, Wahl Men’s Method now offers first-class additions and amenities to simplify both the teaching and learning experience through unique program upgrades.

The new Course Management book, Inspirational Notebook and posters are just a few of many items that can be found in the Wahl Men’s Method Master Set, whose objective is to enhance all current school curriculums. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!

Because the industry rapidly changes, providing future professionals multifaceted training now is more important than ever,” says Tracey Nugent, Education Specialist, Wahl Men’s Method. “Not only does the Men’s Method increase students’ skill sets, it provides insight that will propel future professionals into a new category of talent. Schools can build on the program’s content to be successful, with Wahl Education paving the way.”

Nugent, a leader in the professional salon, barber and cosmetology school industry, has enhanced the Men’s Method program integration into cosmetology and barber school curriculums by merging shear, razor and clipper techniques, an area that Nugent says gives students an advantage over their competition. With her strong expertise at the school level, combined with the school’s current program, Nugent is confident the Wahl Men’s Method will arm the student with the skills and knowledge needed to enter the industry as a professional with a competitive edge.

Men’s Method bridges the gap between cosmetology and barbering education

Wahl Men’s Method bridges the haircutting differences between cosmetology and barbering education. For example, cosmetologists typically remove the weight of the hair, while barbers keep it and position it in certain areas. With Wahl Men’s Method, both cosmetologists and barbers are able to utilize their current knowledge and merge it with some “out of the box” thoughts on how to approach the head shape and haircut.

Regardless if the training is with shears or clippers, Wahl Men’s Method is turnkey. The recent upgrades simplify the learning and teaching experience. The program includes interactive training with a choice of hard copy textbooks or online digital independent study materials, depending on how the student best learns.

In addition to men’s cutting techniques, the program also focuses on building client relationships,” says Laura VanderMoere, Director of Education for Wahl Clipper Corporation. “The Wahl Men’s Method will equip the student with the necessary skills to attain client retention. This is how they will truly generate their revenue.”

I challenge schools to take a look at the Wahl Men’s Method with me,” says Nugent. “I’m confident they will recognize the benefits and will see how easy it will be to incorporate it into their already existing programs.”

For more information, please visit www.wahlmethod.com


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