30 May 2023

KhairPep Makes It’s UK Debut

Bespoke Hair Care has announced the UK launch of KhairPep. The brace of products, KhairPep Transforme™ leave-in Serum and KhairPep Transforme™ Masque with K18Peptide™ repair hair damaged by environmental, chemical and thermal damage.

A team of European scientists has been working for over ten years to find new ways to bring back strength and health to damaged hair. They recently discovered a long-chain peptide – K18Peptide™ – that can enter the hair and bind to the inner structure of the cortex, returning strength and elasticity to hair and making it healthier and amazingly, K18Peptide™ will not rinse out even with daily shampooing. KhairPep is currently the only range of products to currently contain this ground-breaking ingredient which designed to repair hair – permanently.

Common chemical styling processes such as colouring, perming, straightening or bleaching, make permanent changes to the cortex of the hair and destroy part of its structure. These processes can leave hair weaker, drier and more brittle. As we age, simply washing and blow-drying can have a similar effect. As a result, hair loses properties such as strength, elasticity and youthful health – hair becomes damaged and lack lustre. Most hair products have limited effect because they only mask the damage by temporarily adding molecules to the surface of the hair. These molecules are then lost with following washes. In order to repair damaged hair, the fiber structure needs to be restored. K18Peptide™ mimics a fragment of natural hair protein to restore strength and elasticity by permeating hair fibres, where it adds support and has been shown to increase hair strength by up to 85 percent and elasticity by 120 percent – instant vitality.

Professional Tips
•  May be used as a pre-colour treatment to equalize porosity (better colour, depth, evenness and shine)
•  Can be used between bleachings and toning (toner will be more even with slower wash out)
•  Ideal for ageing hair that is fine, fragile and thinning
•  Masque detangles
•  Serum adds body and volume
•  After straightening services apply KhairPep™ serum or masque.  Wait 2 to 4 minutes, then apply styling products and blow dry

KhairPep products are leave-in and should be applied to damp hair after shampooing but before any styling products are used.

For more information visit www.bespokehaircare.co.uk


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