2 December 2021

Estetica Exclusive with Victoria Thurman Hall – Wella Studios Signature Team

Wella is a brand of prestige and allure that is known throughout decades. To be a part of the Wella Studios Signature Team is an honor and compliment in itself, and the reason young hairdressers crowd the classrooms and stages when Wella Studios Signature Team puts on a show.

Estetica is bringing you a series of interviews with the brands top dogs starting with Victoria Thurman Hall whose iconic flaming hair pays tribute to her skill!

Her father demanded excellence, hard work, and tempered life with humor, which is the same spirit that Victoria brings to all of her seminars. This approach to educating has earned her two positions at ITVA as an education liaison and as the educational support for North America’s “Dream Team.” As a Master Colorist and Wella Lead, Victoria’s passion for color has been spotlighted at NATVA, on stage at ABS and Premiere, and in web based seminars.

How did you start your journey with Wella?
I had been in educator/sales for another company and after 5 years with them, it was time to look for other challenges. I sought to work for a company that had strong educational ideals, had the best educators, and had amazing products that hair stylists could get behind. After doing tons of research… WELLA WELLA WELLA kept coming up! I interviewed with only one company, and knew that’s where I belong! In Wella I have been in the field as an educator and as a Divisional Manager of other educators.

Can you share your experience about being involved in such a prestigious artistic team?
I count myself lucky every day! Not only is the team I work with extremely talented in their craft, and as educators, but they really do care about the people that come thru our doors. We as a team stay connected with our attendees and really feel a special pride when they succeed. There is such comradery in this building! Everyone has input and we feed off of each other’s creativity. Someone comes up with one idea and the next thing you know it’s better because of the people around you.

As a member of the Wella Studios Signature Team Elite, what is the question you get asked about most by stylists?
The most often asked question… “What’s another good seminar to take?” My answer… “All of them! Here is a calendar!” 😉

What do you think sets Wella, as a company, apart?
Besides having amazing products… It’s the sense of family and connection that people have with each other. No one has an ego. People want to share. We rally behind a good cause and we have joy when people succeed. It’s a family.”

What are the key trends –in terms of color & cut– for Spring 2016?
I really see that for 2016, the biggest trend for stylists is to focus on customized color for each and every client each and every time! I am so focused on giving a truly holistic approach for my clients! I want to know what their beauty routine is, what their commitment is to coming to see me, and how I can improve their routine so that they walk out the house everyday looking like they were just in to see me. I see more and more clients getting excited about their custom look and they love that each time they see me, I offer something new and different!

What are some of your personal Wella favorite products?
I am so in love with a product that hasn’t even launched yet! Sebastian’s Dark Oil that hits in March, is going to be a game changer for oils! It’s a treatment. It’s a styler. AND an oil! It’s INSANE GOOD! I can’t live without my Color Touch! Porosity is our enemy for color fading, so having Color Touch, I can adjust my formulas for their ends to make their color more vibrant and I have all the good stuff like lipids and glimmer pigments to make their hair look healthy. Diamax is like having hope in a bottle! It gives your hair the feeling that you have tons more hair and let’s face it, when you feel like your hair is less than what it was… having the feeling of more is a real boost to your self-esteem. Can’t live without my EIMI Perfect Me. I mix it with other products and I layer it in. It’s the product everyone should have on their shelf!

Knowing that Wella has a strong commitment to education, what is your perspective on the hairdressing industry and education?
“My dad said to me a long time ago, “if you stop learning, you stop everything!” This industry is ever evolving and technologies are improving all the time and if you don’t stay on top of your education, you will miss out on that evolution. Even taking a foundation seminar can get you grounded in your fundamentals to make you think a little differently. Look, I didn’t come into this industry to use 6/0 on everybody! (not that that’s not a great shade). I want to have fun and be creative… the only way I do that is making sure I stay educated. Being educated isn’t about you “getting out of your box” it’s about making your box bigger and more fun to play in!”

What have you done to stay on top?
I am always thinking, what can I do better. I don’t want to look at my work and say “good enough”… I want to say, “what can I do next time?” Honestly staying on top is about educating yourself and working on your skills. I work hard and go back to my foundations ALL the time.”

What is your funniest memory while working with the rest of the team?
There are so many inside jokes that we have… from my dorkie laugh, to how Frank takes his coffee… there isn’t a day that I don’t have a blast with these amazing people.”

What is something you always pack in your travels?
My tail comb and foils, a tube key, whisk, and bowl, and an assortment of brushes and a black wardrobe.” 😉

In three words, how would others define your personal technique/specialty?
Master Color Expert/Color Correction/Plaiting.”

In terms of the future and longevity with the brand, what are your long-term goals with Wella?
My ultimate goal, would be to represent Wella and educate new stylists or instructors in a country that is working to give a career to women in need. I want to give back and learn from another culture. I want to change someone’s life and help them with a career that can feed their family and change their perspective on their future.”

Check the February/March WELLA STUDIOS Education Calendar here!


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