19 July 2024

Top-Tier Stylists Complete Phase One of Redken Artist Induction 2016

Rigorous training is underway for 52 stylists who will join the Redken Artist Network in April 2016!

Redken just announced that after four days of rigorous training and workshops held in Tampa, Florida, 52 hairstylists from 23 different states have completed Phase One of the Redken Artist Induction and are on their way to becoming the newest members of the Redken Artist Network!

The 52 new Redken Artist Inductees are recognized for their individual talent, enthusiasm, and growth potential along with their success as a stylist behind the chair in their own salon business. Upon graduating on April 2, the Inductees will join an exclusive team of 350 Redken Artists in the United States who all support a common goal of gaining commitment from salons and growing their skills and businesses through Redken Education, focusing on business, design and color, training, personal development and wealth building.

The path to becoming a Redken Artist requires attendance at all three phases of the Redken Artist Induction Training, a commitment of 12 days total. This year’s training is facilitated by Redken Artists John Stellato, Dhaniel Doud, Jason Gribbin and overseen by Redken Directors of Field Education, Anny Vanderhulst and Susan Krisel. The curriculum throughout the three phases includes content and facilitation training on The Redken Brand; Principles of Consultation, Haircolor, Science, Finishing, Training, Haircare and Styling; Redken Haircolor Brands; Revenue Through Retail and Sales Through Education. The training at Phase One included Redken Principles of Training, Facilitation Workshops, Redken Haircare, Principles of Consultation and Retailing.

The candidates chosen to be part of the 2016 Redken Artist Induction completed a rigorous interview process, including a pre-screening phase, prior to completing Phase One of the Induction Training in January. The pre-screening phase included audition packets, videos, multiple interviews, and technical and business skill assessments by the Redken Directors of Field Education. The recruitment process for Redken Artist Induction 2017 will begin in August 2016 with an anticipated 50 new Inductees.

Please join Redken in congratulating the following 2016 Inductees:

1. Jayden Almemari
2. Kara Archer
3. Courtney Baker
4. Cheryl Lynn Bakke
5. Linda Bangphonethip
6. Nicole Beck
7. Josh Brassfield
8. Laura Carmichael
9. Aubre Bauer Clark
10. Kaitlin Corsaro
11. Marcello Costa
12. Elissa M. De Dera
13. Chula Decker
14. Johna DeMont
15. Kristin Droudt
16. Jennifer Flandez
17. Holly Fox
18. Pam Genio-Bates
19. Alma R Gonzalez
20. Rodney “Beau” Hale
21. CJ Charles James Horkey
22. Gina Humphrey
23. Crystal Karakas
24. Sam Klaver
25. Shelby Rae Lamb
26. Bernard Lau
27. Ashley Lemaster
28. Alisha Maldonado
29. Stephanie H. Marcelli
30. Lauren Mazza
31. Ben Mitrano
32. Francine Monocchi
33. Allie Lee Moore
34. Dorrie Paterra
35. Amanda Plath
36. Rachel Nichole Poteet
37. Alma (Ali) Richardson
38. Michelle Roberts
39. Jessica Roney
40. Caitlin J Rys
41. Melanie Saldana
42. Kathleen Simoes
43. Samantha Skinner
44. Ashley (Nikki) Stratton
45. Christina Totten
46. Brittany Nicole VanDyke
47. Jes Victor
48. Tracey Vingiano
49. Alison “Bella” Walker
50. Jessica Walker
51. Allyson Whisenhunt
52. Jordan Anne Woodward


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