27 January 2023

In the Loop – A Special Collection of Gorgeous Hair Looks from KMS California

KMS California asked 3 renowned stylists to create a range of fresh, modern, runway-worthy hair looks. Here are the inspiring, easy to love styles they came up with, along with step-by-step tips for pulling them off. Recently shot in New York City, each look shares a common denominator: artful loops.

Joi Rooks, KMS California National Artistic Team Member

Products: HAIRPLAY sea salt spray, HAIRPLAY messing creme, FREESHAPE 2-in-1 styling + finishing spray

Prep: Spray HAIRPLAY sea salt spray onto wet hair and blow dry using a paddle brush or your fingertips for added texture.

• Grab a small section of hair on the top of your head. Apply a small amount of HAIRPLAY messing creme and work it through the hair. Secure the section with an elastic ponytail holder, pulling the hair halfway through the band.
• Take the hair that’s left out of the ponytail and divide it horizontally into 2-3 sections. Secure each section with a hair elastic, as above. 
• On the last section, pull the hair almost completely though the band.
• Using bobby pins, start pinning up sections of the “ponytail.”  You can make this as neat or messy as desired.

Finish: Mist with FREESHAPE 2-in-1 styling + finishing spray to help give the style a secure, light hold.

Karen Cunningham, KMS California Regional Artistic Team Member

Products: FREESHAPE quick blow dry + HAIRPLAY gel wax + HAIRPLAY playable texture + HAIRSTAY maximum hold spray

Prep: The first step in getting this fun up-do is applying FREESHAPE quick blow dry onto towel-dried hair. That will give you the perfect base to speed up drying time, as well as protect the hair from hot tools and help reduce breakage.

• Blow hair smooth with a large round brush. Once the hair is dry, take a tail comb and make a deep side parting in.
• Smooth and gather hair at the nape of the neck to make a ponytail. Secure with an elastic hair tie.
• Spray HAIRPLAY playable texture onto the ponytail to ensure that the ends have additional texture and grip.
• Start twisting the hair loosely, wrapping it around like a coil. Make sure to leave about an inch of the ends free, to give the style a very current finish. Pin into place.

Finish: Add a misting of HAIRSTAY maximum hold spray to give your style 24-hour protection and control. The formula is designed to shield hair against humidity for lasting smoothness.

  • Michael Noragon, KMS California Artistic Director

Products: ADDVOLUME volumizing spray, TAMEFRIZZ taming creme, HAIRSTAY medium hold hairspray

Prep: Apply ADDVOLUME volumizing spray in towel dried hair. Blow dry for extra volume at the roots and throughout the hair.

• Take a horse-shoe shaped section of hair, starting just below eye level, and pin it up to move it out of the way.
• With an elastic hair tie and a smoothing brush, pull the remaining hair into a high ponytail right under where the top section of hair is clipped.
• Release the top section of hair, and tease it to your preference – you can go subtle or extra big with the volume.
• Once you’ve teased the top section of the hair, use your smoothing brush again to coax it back into another ponytail, just above the first one, and secure it with an elastic hair tie.
• Separate this top ponytail into two sections, and pull the ponytail part through the “loop.”
• Tighten the elastic tie and pull a few pieces of hair free to give the pony a beautifully laid-back yet voluminous look.

• Use a small amount of TAMEFRIZZ taming creme on the sides if you want to smooth away any flyaways.
• Finish the entire look off with HAIRSTAY medium hold hairspray to give it subtle but secure hold throughout the day or night.


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