5 December 2021

Estetica Exclusive! Guy Tang on Social Integrity, Respect and IGORA Color10!

Guy Tang is a character of life; as animated as he looks in his frequently visited YouTube videos. With songs, personality and, most importantly, education for his audience, Guy has singlehandedly amassed a following of #Hairbesties, all wishing to color like him, or to be colored by him.

His digital popularity rose with balayage and solidified with crazy colors and innovative techniques, which why we came to him after seeing him use IGORA Color10, the newest Schwarzkopf Professional permanent color with only 10 minutes of processing time. With this innovative technology, possibilities range from simple tasks such as men’s color, to the trickier balayage. Check out what he does to make the most out of this new product. 

How do you decide what you want to cover on social media?
Well I always say, you have to do what feels right to you. You can’t try to do what is already there. I had no one else to look at when I started, I just really started on my own. I think people need to follow their own path because people will not give you the same respect for imitation. I think it’s important that you find your own category and style that’s unique. Some people like to do up-do’s, some people like to do braids, some short haircut; you need to find your niche… What is your story? What do you have to add to this industry that is not already there? We have a Madonna, a Mariah Carey, we don’t need clones of them. People ask me how can I be exactly like… And I say you shouldn’t want to be exactly like anyone! Be you. Tell your story. If you want success, you need to find your own success, and not through someone else’s success.”

What is most important to you when mixing business and social media?
Always have integrity. Do not choose money over integrity. Nowadays with social media people’s going crazy! They’ll go for anything that anyone pays them for and post about anything! They talk about products they don’t even like! For example when I talk about IGORA Color10, it’s because I like it! I use it! It’s not because Schwarzkopf Professional pays me to talk about Color10, and my followers can see that. They understand that this is something I like that I am sharing with them. And that goes for the other side too, I go back to Schwarzkopf Professional and I have a very real genuine relationship with the brand. In the long run, when you have integrity, you have longevity.

How do you handle that relationship with your own personal brand?
The thing to think about there is what longevity do you want out of it? For example, I am an educator first and foremost. So when I put my work up, it’s to educate, to share my knowledge, my ingredients, and what I use. I am not trying to build a clientele. Originally I used to it build a clientele, so at this point, I am using it to share knowledge, artistry. But now, social media has taken a completely new turn. I see craziness happening on it. I see people using it for money and fame. I see people using it for numbers, I don’t care about how many followers you have. I care about real people. I care about good products and good things. You have to be real and not a mediawhore! I have to unfollow so many people because they advertise flat-tummy tea!

You are very famous and have a big following, do you feel pressure yourself?
You can’t sell your soul. You know how many things I talk about and I don’t get paid for, and I have a lot more followers than people who are getting paid. At one point I thought to myself, ‘OK, this person only has 100k and he’s getting paid a grand, and I’m sitting here with over 1 million, and I’m doing it for free.’ Just because I believe in something. I really sat back and thought to myself, am I the stupid one here?! So then I though, ‘Money comes, money goes, but once you lose respect, it is never coming back.'”

Speaking of Schwarzkopf Professional, we saw that you featured the new 10-minute IGORA Color10 in your videos. Tell us about your experience.
Well, I use IGORA Color10 to base break in my balayage clients because basically it shifts the base and then it adds a tone. I find it different than a permanent color. I can’t really describe it unless you see it yourself next to a permanent hair color. Like, if I was a level 3 and I used a level 6, you can see a huge transition. You see the base has just shifted completely, it doesn’t even look natural – which is fine for certain clients. It’s almost like it adds a hue and slightly brightens the hair. 10 minutes is the perfect time. When you are base-breaking in between a balayage lightener, and you’re using a permanent color, you need a full 30-minute processing time, which could cause a problem with the lightener and the multiple things that are happening, and you feel rushed… but since this is processed in 10 minutes, it gives me enough of the been and blur from the natural color into the highlight and with the tonal shift, it gives me the control that I need without having to worry about leaving the bleach for too long. Timing situation helps with the artistic freedom!

Can you give us an example?
For example, I could use a Level 7 on my level 3 hair – it almost looks like I was born with it. The way it lifts is very different. I am not sure scientifically the way it lifts in 10 minutes, but there’s something in there that performs differently. Normally I use regular base-breaking products that aren’t Color10, like an 8, but the problem with that is that they don’t have anything like that for dark hair, which is why when I use Color10, I use 7-12 or just a level 7. It lightens the dark colors without making them look ugly and brassy. I has color control but it shifts it.”

Do you usually take on new products and start experimenting with different processes? It is very interesting the things you are doing with Color10!
I don’t use it for everything because it really depends on what the situation is. For example I absolutely love using it for men. Men are impatient, and 10 minutes is about it when it comes to typical male clients. They’re not used to relaxing and being pampered. I also think it gives a more believable result, it doest really give the look that they’ve colored it. Some guys are a little hesitant about that look, so I think this gives the right shift and tone like something was done, but it’s not something that was completely shifted. So I can even use a 9.”

By Alejandra Acuña


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