2 April 2023

Smooth, Hydrated Curls! Paul Mitchell introduces Express Gold Curl Collection

As this winter gets colder and clients come in with complaints of dry, damaged hair, Paul Mitchell brings a solution of smooth, hydrated curls with the new Express Gold Curl Collection.

With curling irons ranging from .75” to 1.5” barrels, Paul Mitchell provides a wide variety of ways to deliver the incredible shine and staying power that they promise. The adjustable temperature control allows the iron to quickly heat up to 430°F and includes a locking temperature dial for safe operation, while the gold surface distributes heat evenly for consistent, long-lasting curls. An extra-long cool tip and insulated thumb grip ensure comfort and total control even when you tackle the longest locs, and each iron includes a free, easy-to-replace spring for tool longevity.

With 4 different irons to choose from, you’ll be able to give your clients exactly what they want, while making your job easier – it’s a win-win.

If your client is looking for youthful, defined ringlets, look no further than the .75” barrel iron. At a suggested retail price of $52.49, it will deliver the quality you seek without breaking the bank.

Are natural-looking curls the request? Try out the 1” barrel, retailing at a suggested price of $59.99, to deliver bounce and shine so good, no one would guess it came from a curling iron. 

Both the 1.25” and 1.5” barrel irons come in at a suggested retail price of $67.99, but the big difference between those .25 inches comes from what is delivered: loose curls versus voluminous, relaxed waves.

At ESTETICA, we know where to get the top products. Keep checking in for the latest innovations!

.75” Barrel
–Suggested Retail: $52.49
–Ideal for: Defined ringlets

1” Barrel
–Suggested Retail: $59.99
–Ideal for: Natural-looking curls

1.25” Barrel
–Suggested Retail: $67.99
–Ideal for: Loose curls

1.5” Barrel
–Suggested Retail: $67.99
–Ideal for: Voluminous curls and relaxed waves

By Chelsea Cook


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