28 September 2022

Video Alert! Learn How To Hold Scissors with Hair Guru Vishal Baharani

The most important factor in a skilled hairdresser lies on the details of the foundation, which is something that international sensation Vishal Baharani wants to emphasize, especially when it comes to one of his fortes, cutting.

Holding shears is no simple task. Some might even be bold enough to call it an art. There is something romantic and admirable in the way that Vishal dances with his tool as he works in his prior videos (which, by the way, have amassed millions to his advice). Such were the requests for a shear holding video that he simply had to go back to the basics to be able to impress your clients with scissor skills just like Vishal!

For more on the one and only Vishal, please visit www.vbdeducation.com / Instagram: @vishalbaharani


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