4 December 2021

Video Alert! Triangular Pinch – An Over Direction Hair Cutting Technique

One of the coolest and easiest techniques we can utilize in Over Direction is the Triangular Pinch – creating a large (or small) triangle section and ‘pinching’ the Over Direction into the center of that triangle. Keep in mind the smaller the triangle the less movement in our end result!

Let’s think about a triangle in terms of the wide area and the pointed area. You have less over direction within the point area of the triangle and more over direction within the wide area. We position the triangle on this model with the point at the high point of the head and the wide area sits just above the occipital. Why do we position the triangle this way? We want to create a radiation of length toward the outside corners of the widest part of the triangle. Can’t you almost visualize it happening without actually seeing it?

Learn HOW TO with Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa!


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