21 April 2024

How To! Recreate the Cate Blanchett & Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes’ Hairstyles

With the 73rd Annual Golden Globes having wrapped up on Sunday, Fuel Hair brings us one of their hair educators, Steven Ernewein, to show you how to bring a couple of Hollywood styles to salon level. Here, he goes step-by-step to recreate the winning looks of Cate Blanchett & Jennifer Lawrence!

Cate Blanchett’s Faux Bob

Step 1
A full curl set isn’t necessary but make sure the ends of hair have a slight curl. It will make your life easier when forming and pinning the shape, and set with Foundation Hair Spray.

Step 2
Determine your parting and on the lighter side continuing to the nape area (not going above occipital) smoothen hair into a ponytail in the opposite back corner to remove unwanted hair. If lots of leftover length is available use to create a form to help begin the triangular shape you are looking for. Don’t worry about smoothing out the hair as it will be covered with hair from above. the shape can be created by using texture powder and teasing the hair into a rounded form. Begin to visualize your desired look.

Step 3
On the heavy side of the parting, section leaving enough hair above the ear and also leave out the front hairline. This section will be teased and created into a form using the same technique as in Step 2, extend and connect this shape with the form you created in the back. Use hair pins to secure and form shape.

Step 4
Let down remaining top section and smoothen over your form securing with bobby pins underneath. The hair in front of the ear will have to be extended and pinned into the back where you can use the pony tailed hair at the nape for a secure base to pin your bobby pins into. Extending this hair to the back will give you the polished and seamless finish you are looking for. Finish with Lock-In Hair Spray and Frizz-Free Shine Mist.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Twisted Look

Step 1
Determine your part and on the lighter side extending into the nape, pull hair to opposite side and pin to the head. Creating a light base in the nape with texture powder allows for a place to secure your pins to.

Step 2
Taking a section in center back smoothen and pull down to lower nape and begin to twist the hair in a upward motion and begin to form into desired shape. (Pin on inside of twist to avoid any visible bobby pins.)

Step 3
On the heavy side of the part, build desired height to head and facial shape. Gently bring all hair to back of head and begin to twist in the same way as you did in Step 2, being careful not to alter the shape you previously built in the front. Place where desired and pin securely. If you are working with a lot of hair, split this section in two. Finish with Lock-In Hair Spray and Frizz-Free Shine Mist.

Photos: Getty Images


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