20 August 2022

Shanti Bars launches New Acai Lush Flavor to empower hairstylists!

Shanti Bars’ new Acai Lush Flavor was featured at Luxury Brand Partners’ Front Row showcase In Miami last weekend.

Meet Shanti Bars – “Your Salon’s New Coworker,” the 100% Raw, Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo, extremely delicious super food energy and protein bars. Shanti Bars are high in protein and nutrient dense, providing long lasting satisfaction. These Paleo Vegan certified bars boast great flavor with less unwanted sugar and carbs.

Shanti’s motto is raw is truth, raw is sexy, raw is strong… inspired creativity requires inspired nourishment! Looking your best comes from feeling your best, which is why they created the perfect bar to make clients feel as good on the inside as you’ll make them look on the outside. Shanti has options for clientele with all different types of taste buds, featuring wonderfully delectable flavors like coconut, goji, spirulina, cacao, turmeric, mulberry, and goldenberry, and now Acai Lush, where Front Row guests were the first ones to try the new and delicious flavor.

Shanti Bars health benefits far exceed expectations. Shanti in Sanskrit means inner peace, the state of being at peace mentally and spiritually, while keeping strong during times of stress and chaos. As grooming services are so uniquely personal and special to each client, Shanti energy and protein bars offer an all-natural, nutrient rich snack or meal replacement. In addition to providing customers with natural balance and strength, Shanti Bars’ key ingredients will provide your customers with more energy, heightened focus and essential health and wellness properties for optimal hair, skin, nails and heart health.

The theme of Shanti’s newest bar from flavor to packaging was created, designed and inspired solely by the hair care and grooming industry with extra special influence by Oribe Apres Beach product line. Acai Lush bars are full of nutrients and fatty acids to keep your hair healthy and hydrated, and are packed with ingredients to help make your locks lush. In addition to event attendees with a key booth and corresponding Stretch Zone, Shanti Bars were featured at the event breakfast station and in the events over 2,500 gift bags. Front Row guests got to experience every facet of this bar from its rich and decadent flavor to its soft and silky mouth feel to its sexy and convenient packaging!

For more information, please visit shanti.bar


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