28 January 2023

Luxury and Lights inspire at LBP Front Row 2016 Day 2!

Luxury Brand Partners has crafted a show that has stunned the beauty industry in such a shiny and glamorous manner. It all started this weekend, and yesterday we witnessed Day 2 with a more academic curriculum than the first day, kicking into gear the concept of “work hard, play hard.”

The keynote speech with Jim Collins was the push everyone needed to absorb all of the talent and secrets of the masters for the rest of the day. His lecture was custom designed for beauty professionals of all walks of life. He spoke of the “Millenial Problem” and the importance of asking yourself the right questions when taking steps to improve and move forward in the industry.

‘Ideologue’ took over the main stage with speakers aimed at a more business-oriented conversation about beauty and what it means to be a leader in a balanced financial environment that has to manage creative minds creative minds. Jim Collins continued with a lecture turned workshop, turned Q&A session where owners were able to voice their questions. Frank Gambuzza, Intercoiffure America/Canada President, also made an appearance as well as Simon Doonan and David Thurston.

The Butterfly Circus is a platform that is changing education into something aimed for the independent hairstylists that have become mavens of the industry through technology and the concept of sharing secrets and knowledge for the good of the craft. Our favorite pep talk? It was given by Nina L. Kovner, who found her mission through intention and urges other hairstylists to celebrate the craft, instead of seeking fame or money, look to perfect your craft, and to give back to it.

Miami dressed the night in glamour after 8:00pm with a more colorful tone for the night. The evening started with a live interview on stage with the legendary Beverly Sassoon and Vidal’s daughter Eden, who continues her father’s passion through her foundation Beauty Gives Back. The nightime saw a magnificent presentation by men’s grooming brand V76 led by industry icon Vaughn Acord and Jesse Taylor, and a spectacular show by the mavens of Smith + Cult, founder Dineh Mahaer and brand ambassador Sarah Bland.

Last but not least, IGK saw a fantastic show, involving candles, hairspray, extentions and artistry. IGK is a team of four digitally acclaimed hairdressers; Franck Izquierdo, Leo Izquierdo, Aaron Grenia, and Chase Kusero.

If you did not, or can not, get a chance to escape to the hot spicy lands of Miami, then check out the gallery below for some of the creative visuals that surround this event and be sure to follow our exclusive, real-time, behind-the-curtain coverage on all our social media for an even more intimate glimpse of this fabulous event!

By Alejandra Acuña & Sergi Bancells


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