18 May 2024

Estetica’s Top Looks of the Night at People’s Choice Awards 2016

People’s Choice Awards is a moment where celebrity hairstylists cannot get a break – since we are absolutely obsessed with hair, we decided to make our own awards, not based on acting, but rather on tresses!

We selected ESTETICA’s top 12 picks of the night based on the variety of looks that we saw paired with the dress – from soft and romantic to a bit rough with an edge. Those daring women with short hair, Carly Ray Jepsen & Keke Palmer, did not shy away from the blade, showing that short hair is also very appropriate for the Red Carpet. There were hairstyles of all kinds ranging from Natalie Emmanuel’s naturally beautiful afro, to Shay Mitchell’s sexy wet look, Natalie Cuoco‘s lived in shag, and even to Lea Michele’s fancy updo, so we have complied the best for you to see in our gallery below!

3rd Place:
KATHERINE McNAMARA won third with a top knot on the head of the crown paired with a wet-look black textured dress whose off-the-shoulder neckline emphasized the clean sculpted platinum bun.

2nd Place:
Our runner up was a more natural look worn by NATALIE DORMER who had a romantic softness with some flawlessly lived-in waves contrasting her black ankle jumpsuit with sheer sleeves and neckline.

VANESSA HUDGENS as Estetica USA #1 People’s Choice Hairstyle with her rocker attitude and overall friece special look. The hair, however, channels back some rocker roots!

By Alejandra Acuña / Photos: Getty Images


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