2 June 2023

Nordic Pure Collection by Debbie G

‘Nordic Pure’ takes its inspiration from visits Debbie has made to Sweden and Norway and sees a clever blend of the renowned purposeful, practical Scandinavian design, with the freedom of nature and wild Nordic beauty.

The colors, lines and structure of the looks are true Debbie G. Each image has both a clear defined shape combined with a free energy of out-door softness and natural movement. Classic precision cutting techniques form the basis of each look with added texture to soften, complement and enhance each model’s bone structure and features.

Colorist Tom Smith has used low contrasting, misty cool tones, snowy blondes and crisp brunettes to reflect the welcome, warming tones of a late winter Nordic sun. These naturally inspired colours are deliberately muted to soften and lower the contrast between skin and hair. The clear shapes, movement and texture of the hair combined with the fresh, crisp and warm tones of the photographs truly reflect the stunning natural landscape of Norway.

  • Credits
  • Photo: Kai Wan
  • Haircuts: Debbie G @ Debbie G Training
  • Colors: Tom Smith @ Billi Currie
  • Styling & Collection: Lorraine Diamond
  • Makeup: Leah Mabe


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