6 February 2023

Get the Looks: Holiday-and-a-Half & Ponytail-in-a-Flash with Joico’s Paul Norton

‘Tis the season to change up your special occasion ‘do! From office parties to Christmas celebrations, family photos, and everything in between, having a couple of hot new hair options makes the holidays merrier and brighter.

To drum up those festive and fun looks, we called on Joico’s Hollywood hair-meister, Paul Norton, who gave us the inside scoop on two ‘dos that have been making news lately: the playful half-up/half down look he crafted for actress Gina Rodriguez, and the tattoo headband illusion that Kylie Jenner’s grooving on this season.

No reason to leave the looks to celebrities, though. Paul’s got the step-by-steps to get your own party started…

– Work a dollop of JoiWhip into damp hair, and finger-tousle with a blowdryer until 95 percent dry. (For extra volume, do this with your head flipped upside down.)
– Using a round brush (either boar-bristle or metal), dry the ends of the hair in varying directions for a free-style blow-out.
– Divide hair from ear to ear, temporarily clipping away the top front so you can work on the back.
– Using a 1 ¼-inch curling iron starting in the middle of the hair, create “bends” in 1-2-inch sections. (Giving the iron just a couple of turns should do the trick. Remember, these are loose tousles…not tight curls.)
– Now, unclip the top section, applying Joico Hair Shake at the roots, and gently back-comb the entire top section from ear to ear. (Avoid application on one inch of the front hairline.)
– Fashion a pompadour shape at the top center of the head, securing it with two bobby pins; then connect hair from each side and secure in back to give the pouf a smoother appearance.
– Drag your hands through the ends of the free hair to separate and fluff the wave; finishing the look with Joico Flip Turn will banish flyaways and add shine plus holding power.

– Work Joico Heat Set into damp hair, then blow out until fully dry.
– Flat-iron the hair, spraying Joico Ironclad onto each section before touching it with the heat-styling tool for protection and shine.
– Take a 2-3-inch section of hair from ear to ear, clipping it away for the moment.
– Work a dime-size dollop of Power Gel into your palms and gather the remaining section into a low ponytail securing it toward the back of the nape of the neck with an elastic (ignore the section you clipped away).
– Now it’s tattoo time: Working exclusively on the hair that’s secured with the elastic, apply your favorite flash-tattoo pattern (just as you would to your skin) following the line of a headband from ear to ear. The transfer should be simple; just use enough water to insure it peels off evenly.
– Once your pattern is complete, simply release the back section of hair, which will now completely cover the low ponytail—the effect should look as though hair is tucked into a headband, but the secret ponytail insures that hair won’t move and hide the flash pattern.
– Brush the hair that’s loose and spritz with Flip Turn Finishing Spray.


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