23 May 2024

Damaged Hair? Estetica just assessed L’Oréal Professionnel PRO FIBER

L’Oréal Professionnel has done it again. As a leading professional haircare brand, it is their job to stay in front of the game, and now, long lasting repair for damaged hair is now possible, lasting for about four washes and can even be extended with an at-home version of the treatment.

As Estetica USA’s ‘official’ product addict, I decided to take the brand up on the revolutionary treatment and was, and continue to be baffled by the texture of my new tantalizing tresses. Fiber damage is something that we fashionistas identify as inevitable. It was an obstacle of the hair game that hairdressers and color-lovers had to confront each visit, presenting itself with symptoms like dryness, split ends and fading color.

Until now, most of the beneficial hair care effects were eliminated in the first shampoo, but L’Oréal Research Laboratories have developed APTYL 100, the first-ever technology capable of long-lasting repair of the hair fiber. This technology is the result of 15 years of research summing up to with 15 pending patents.

Simon, my stylist from fabulous U-Style salon in Aventura, FL, needed to diagnose my level of damage. Before we begin, I would like Estetica readers to meet… my hair. I have a bayalage resulting in golden brown hair that reaches all the way down to my belly-button. I am a water sports girl, so I seep my hair in beach water weekly. I needed the help!

At L’Oréal Professionnel salons, your hairdresser assesses your individual level of hair damage, based on the unique Hair Damage Profiler diagnosis result, found on an app that the hairdresser has access to. Your hairstylists will be told which one of the of the three ranges is designed to treat your specific level of hair damage.

Simon concluded that my damage was a level 2 out of the three levels of treatment that PRO FIBER offers. An example of a Level 3 would be for a completely bleached head that dyes more than 6 times a year.

The 15-minute in-salon exclusive treatment for damaged hair will follow a customized protocol. The protocol includes a layering technique and the application of Renew Activating Masque Long-lasting Care Activator, anr extraordinary APTYL 100 molecular complex.

The at-home PRO FIBER routine prolongs the effects of the APTYL 100 coat with the same treatment molecular complex on the hair fiber so it can be reactivated for up to 4 washes and recharged at home for up to 6 weeks. During each shampoo, the treatment is reactivated.

Since the treatment, I feel like I got a head transplant. My dry straw-like hair is gone and after washing it once, still feel the silky strength in my new hair down to the end of my longest layer. I LOVE IT!

Click here to learn more about L’Oréal Professionnel’s PRO FIBER

By Alejandra Acuña


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