29 November 2021

Video Alert! How-To: Peach Party Fun Coloring Technique

As the festive season is now upon us, it seemed the perfect opportunity to put together a fun coloring technique! Pravana direct colors are the perfect choice for really letting your creative imagination run wild!

Craig Purves’ inspiration can come from the most random image or thought, with Hannah’s look it was an Anime sunset that started Craig combining colours for her peach melba do.

Craig used Verolift powder lightener with 20vol on her roots, Hannah’s hair had some heat band issues which he had to address. After lifting to a pale yellow, he cleansed the ends of the hair with a bleach + shampoo + 10vol mix – equal quantities of each. This was to remove excess violet toner, so Craig had a clean canvas to colour onto. ALWAYS make sure your happy with the level/tone of the hair BEFORE you start adding color, be it toner/tint/direct – or you’ll never be happy with the end result! Next, Craig did a full Olaplex treatment, leaving step2 on for 25mins, shampooed – omitting conditioner.

Craig used 4 shades to create the peachy result:
‘Too Cute Coral’ – globally over roots, and in stripes
‘Pretty in Pink’ – in stripes
‘Vibrant Orange’ + ‘Clear’ – 1:4. As Pravana ‘Clear’ has a white base you can make a pastel out of any of the more intense shades.

He applied these in stripes, using diagonal sections – as the color choice was softer you still get a diffused end result. He processed the color for 30mins at room temperature, then rinsed till the water ran clear. Et voilà… PEACH!

Finally, Craig misted Hannah’s hair with Redken’s new One United leave in treatment, current favourite as it really cuts out any static without ANY weight. Then it was a swift red carpet wave, using Oribe’s Soft Lacquer heat spray and his trusty H2D wand… and she’s party READY!


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