16 July 2024

Video Alert! DIY Hair Painting Plastic Wrap Holder

Making your day run smoother at the salon does not need to cost a lot of money or even take a lot of effort. Here’s a DIY plastic wrap holder I created for hair painting that only cost me $3, yet it makes it really easy to dispense plastic wrap when you need it… plus it looks really cool,” says Patrick McIvor, Artistic & TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California and Brand Strategist & Techni-Color Director of ARROJO

Supplies Needed:

  1. • Metal Pipe (conduit)
  2. • Metal Chain
  3. • 2 “S” Hooks
  4. • Metal Cutting Pliers
  5. • Hacksaw
  6. • Towels

How To:

  1. • Measure plastic wrap roll.
  2. • Measure chain to be about 14.75”
  3. • Use a hacksaw to cut metal pipe the size of the plastic wrap roll – use a towel to hold the pipe and to catch the metal shavings on the floor.
  4. • Smooth edges with heavy grit sandpaper (80).
  5. • Thread the chain through the pipe, making sure to have a closed link on each end.
  6. • Put the “S” hooks on each end and pinch to close.
  7. • Thread the chain and pipe through plastic wrap roll.
  8. • Attached to Goldwell Color Cart or standard hospital tray on the side or front.

I made these for my studio and it makes it so much easier to wrap hair during hair painting… could also be a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer for stylists too,” adds McIvor.


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