18 September 2021

Long Live Young Talent! The Estetica Interview with Wella’s ITVA Winner Anastasia Krupovich

Wella International Trend Vision Young Talent Gold winner, Anastasia Krupovich, hails from Lithuania, having set out on her career at the Kirpimo Meistrai Salon in Vilnius.

She credits her high school art teacher for acknowleding her creative streak an setting her on the right track, while Wella Trainer Ricardas Cizauskas helped her hone her technical skills. The result: meaningful mentoring, hard work, and determination can get you the career you’ve been dreaming of.

1. How old are you and how long have you wanted to become a hairdresser?
I am 26 now. Actually, I didn’t have any serious thoughts about becoming a hairdresser, when I was a senior at school. I was interested in marketing and interactive design at that time. But my art teacher at school noticed my potential for creativeness and thoroughness, so she introduced me to various opportunities that would develop my creative abilities and suggested that I become a hair stylist. That’s how I entered a Hairdresser College in Vilnius and now I’m glad about my choice.

2. Did you have a mentor? How did he or she inspire and discipline you?
I am blessed to work with really great people and professionals who inspire, encourage me, giving me direction at every step I take. Ricardas Cizauskas, current Wella trainer in Lithuania, helped me to understand and implement technical solutions in coloring. He introduced me to Wella Trends and explained everything in great detail. It took me a lot of preparation before I got the result I wanted for my model’s hair. Certainly I could always rely on support from my mentor and our salon’s “Kirpimo Meistrai” creative director in what I am doing.

3. You say that you are inspired by architecture and organic textures. What were the specific concepts behind your winning look?
The main idea was to give the hair completely uncharacteristic look, create different texture not relevant to hair. I thought, could be interesting if the soft, dynamic hair texture, I would contrast with sharp and static form. So as a texture’s prototype I took some moss. First thing, that came in to my mind was a conical Vietnamese hat and then there followed a long evolution to find a shape that would enhance texture and make it pop. I used a crochet hook and a plastic net, which was later removed from the hair strand after strand.”

4. What was your inspiration for the colours?
Moss-like texture inspired me to use colours taken from nature, which would give an impression of the calmness of a Lithuanian forest and a sunset palette.”

5. Why and when did you decide to start participating in the International Trend Vision Awards?
My very first time was 3 years ago, when I decided to participate in the first Baltic Trend Vision competition. I was following Wella Trends every year, so I wanted to put myself to the test and show my best. All my efforts and enthusiasm were noticed. I won a Bronze that year, the second year I won a Silver Award, and this year proved to me that I must never stop! 🙂

6. Do you intend to continue participating in International Trend Vision Awards or other competitions?
Yes, definitely. All competitions require a lot of preparation, but it is worth it. I think, International Trend Vision Awards is the best platform for hairstylists to show their creativity and professionalism. It’s nice to meet people of similar interest from all over the world, to be inspired, and maybe to inspire them, too.”

7. What new opportunities do you think winning International Trend Vision Award will offer you?
Of course it motivates and encourages me to go further. I hope, this award will open more opportunities to do something huge. I have a dream to work with Wella artists in creating collections and doing photo shoots. I hope to become a part of the Wella creative family in the future.”

8. What advice would you give to other young people who want to make a career in hairdressing?
Hairdressing is a great platform for creative people, because it is not only work with your clients at the salon. It is another possibility for self-expression via collections, shows and photo shoots. This craft does not have limits, especially in the modern world.”

9. What advice would you give to other young people who want to compete in the ITVA.
Dare to do something different, hair is the perfect canvas. Never hesitate to implement your own ideas, try to look for inspiration between incompatibles, make a fusion of contrasts. Wella products are excellent tools for implementing any vision by creating desired color and shape.”

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